Thursday, June 29, 2006

Damn Contraption, Gay Parade, & Grandkid

Oh my GOD, I'm so annoyed.  I just paid $125 to have some piece of shit sautered on to this damn contraption of a laptop plus $29 to have aol worked on so I can pull up my email....  and I STILL CAN"T PULL UP MY EMAIL.  What the FUCK???  GAAAA.  I can get AOL, all 80 emails  appear, but when I click on ea email, NOTHING HAPPENS..  NOTHING> .  I don't get it.  So I have to take this back in, & already it's been so long since I've written.

So here's what's happened over the past 3 weeks:

First I've now lost 45 lbs!! (I Can't believe it!) Yeaaaaaaaaa!!!!!  Today I actually bought capri demin jeans in size 12 AND size 10 !  This was very exciting!!!  Thank you God.

Last weekend my Fabulous Doris & I went to the NYC Gay Pride Parade...  but not All 8 HOURS of it... We were only there 3 hrs...  We went late, we finally found a place to park, then walked down the midway checked out all the stuff for sale, got stared at since we were so old (albeit gorgeous..), got asked to do a colestral commercial HA!HA!HAAA!  (we said no thanks..)  strolled around & found a place to perch & continue watching the crazy gay folk,  (everyone was SO young...  I mean seriously ...  they all looked 12 years old.)  shit! 

Dang, there was no place to pee & it was impossible to get into restaurants...  so after getting hot dogs from Grey's Papaya, we sat in the car to dine & then hit the Holland Tunnel back to Jersey.  phew!!!  What a waste. 

I thought it would be so great to be able to walk around holding hands & it was, but I still felt like I was on Mars because everybody was really so so very YOUNG.  Hell.  Where do I have to go to feel kindredship - a gay senior citizen centre???  (I WISH ther WAS such a place!)  Wierd. 

I do enjoy the Sage dances, but damn, thoses dykes really do look tired.  Seriously.  I don't wish to seem rude, but good Lord - nobody looks as beautiful as Doris, & I am getting back to looking well,almost fine.  It is good to see Doris smile every time she looks at me these days!  It is so worth all the hard work at Weight Watchers. 

Well back to my damn computer.  I am thinking of getting a small Apple laptop next so I can travel with it.  Do any of you use Apples?  Let me know what laptops you guys like.  I am going to have to start saving for a new one... 

So when I got home from LA last night the youngest grandchild was here.  He's still here.  He's a good kid, (14 yrs) & just graduated from the 8th grade.  He's sweet.  His big brother (18 yrs) is working away at a camp, & he will go join him there next month.  They would rather be here staying with us & visiting their Grandma than anything else.  If any of you read me regularly, then you KNOW how little tolerence I have for kids for very long.  I know...  I am a bitch. 

Is is too much to want, need PEACE & NO KIDS around??  How the HELL do parents do it?  I should NOT complain.  This is a great kid, & I do love him.  I just want him to go home.  His home, not mine.  I already asked Doris if we can take him back tomorrow.  She said yes, but her eyes said maybe.  sigh. 

Let me just shut up before World War III starts around here. 

I think I'll go make some popcorn, drink lime Perrier & catch up on your blogs.  At least my computer hasn't turned itself off yet.  I guess that much is fixed.


dghtronly said...

Glad to have you back, even if it is temporarily. That sucks huge about the computer. Can't help you with the laptop q-I've been thinking about it too--but I just paid off the desktop upgrade and everytime I bring up laptop my daughter gets this hangdog look-like: MOM I want a laptop too--I absolutely am not buying her a laptop-She'll be 21 in October and I already committed to taking her to Vegas-I told her she needs to learn how to save $-but I fear she's got more of her dad's genes  :(

Great about the weight loss--I'm still plugging away at mine-but I'm making slow and steady progress-which is ok-I don't want too drastic a change- I can't afford to buy any new clothes just yet.

My daughter and I went to Chicago's Pride Fest (day before the parade) There were a lot of youngsters but I noticed some older in the midsts as well. That whole going to the bathroom is one reason I don't frequent outdoor festivals. The Taste of Chicago starts this weekend and guess who probably won't be going, besides the bathroom deal-e-o it's just too many PEOPLE.

Gotta go now-played hooky from work long enough.  
the only daughter (D)

jabz1965 said...

What an eventful blog! Speaking of laptops....I just bought a Dell Inspirion. I would never have had the money, but I got some back childsupport suddenly after a whole year...should have had it long ago, but anyway....I have always dreamed of having one and love it. I don't know much about AOL but it did come with a 6 month trial for AOL which I don't use.

LOL you make me laugh talking about Doris's grandson....Cindy has only briefly met and talked to Brittany. I'm sure she doesn't want her around either LMAO For myself, even after having a kid of my own, cannot tolerate other kids now! Oh the screaming and pleading drive me insane. There is something about having the peace and quiet....I am like that.

Aren't butch girls great? Cindy doesn't look butchly but boy she can fix any damn thing that goes wrong in the house! Thanks to following her dad around on the farm growing up. How I WISH she would do something exciting! LOL
Lucky woman you are!


nursepam2001 said...

LOL!  You can't win over the grandkids.  Tough but true my dear.  If I had a g/f who hadn't spent much time around kids, she would probably move out when my nieces visited.  They throw shit everywhere, take over the TV and frig, and basically comandeer the house and the car ;^)  It helps that they say I'm the coolest auntie and the best cook.  I can be bought for a song when it comes to those girls.

sunflowersnstone said...

About the 12 year old Pridesmen, yes, it seems they get younger each year. the next thing you know they'll be a Kindergarten Pride Festival. My goodness! And the Gothic black has got to go. What is with all the studs and the look of death across their faces? If you're not pierced 6 times in the most painful areas of your body then you are not really Goth. It's frightening. I feared a few years ago that someone would start conjuring demons or something. My goodness. Then of course the dancer came out and I had to be told that it wasn't a woman. It seems that the dollar bill can buy you more than a "regular" sex change. You're saving for a lap top, this man must have saved for this sex change since his first Pride festival at age 12. My goodness he/she was gorgeous!! And the dancing, move over Paula Abdul (who is seriously played out) cause the drag queen has arrived!! Of course you have the elderly queens and that is just sad, frightening almost. Did you know that even breasts that have been given to a man during the change can begin to sag? I learned that a few years back. It was sad...and frightening. No matter if you were born female or sculpted female, they're gonna sag. So unfair.

Ps. I dont have AOL loaded on my PC anymore because AOL can mess up a PC in no time flat. This means I dont have Messanger anymore from AOL.