Sunday, June 04, 2006

Hookey from Church

Oh my gosh, Doris is so upset with me.  Annoyed, Disappointed.  I WAS going to church with her today, it is the combined choirs 1st Sunday & I get to sit with her in the front choir loft row.  But last night they called & asked her to sing a solo for the after church program at 400p ("100 women in white") & I knew I didn't want to stay all day at church.  She said she'd drive me home, but that is too far to just have to drive right back, & gas is too much. 

Call me a heathen, but I can not STAND to spend all day in church.  Just can't do it anymore.  I'm sorry but I can pray & worship God, Goddess, Universe anywhere, I don't have to be in a building called "church."  I can get my praise on anywhere, esp nature.  However I can just as easily commune with Creator here in my bed.

If it was to be a whole day of Gospel Music & Praise, that would be different.  Now THAT would be invigorating!  But to have to sit for hours listening to preachers drone on about the Blood of Jesus has just become too much.  Of course, I'm truly grateful for what Jesus went thru to save my sorry soul!  And for God's Grace & Mercy I am forever in debt.  I just resent having to sit there all day on one of only two days off & listen to bible verse regurgitation & male interpretation, half of which I disagree.  WhatEVER.

So, I am going to pray a bit here, ask for forgiveness (yep, I do feel guilty about it all - staying home, not to mention my mean, evil, bitch streak that seems to pervade my total being no matter HOW nice I TRY to be,) & then I think I'll roll over & go back to sleep a bit!  Maybe I can regenerate some positivity, happiness & good health for my next flight out tomorrow with a bit more REST & relaxation. 

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.  Sheer peace.


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wordsrock said...

Maybe you should have packed a book and a snack and tagged along.  At least you'd have something to do to keep you awake. :)

I'm sure she'll forgive you.
At least, I hope so!