Saturday, June 10, 2006

broken contraption

First: I've lost 42lbs !!!

2nd; My damn computer isn't working right, keeps shutting off after I've written posts & then I loose the whole thing.  Plus I can NOT open my email on aol.  Now THAT's a new one.  shit.  I have to go to a hotel & use their computer on a layover. I'll try to get things fixed soon so I can write some of you.


dghtronly said...

Wow ! ! ! Thats' great. I started a regime recently, not so much to los - but of course that's part of it, my primary goal was get in better shape and try through diet & exercise to stay on stop of blood pressure & cholesterol issues. WOW! congratulations!


nfluxus said...

Yes, that is truly awesome. You should post before and after pics. ~elizabeth