Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Grave Marker

I was reading gaymo about how when walking in a cemetary she found grave markers of women that only had "wife of.." as if that is all they were. I went to the comments & liked Weese's ( idea.  To put "Wife of" on her gravestone & see what kind of reactions that would cause!  It made me laugh, so here's what I wrote:

"Let's all get "wife of-" on OUR tombstones (or markers as the have these days) & go for a little shock value to eternity! 


"Here lies KMae
Loving wife of Doris Mae
Sister of Alan & all Lesbiana
Daughter of Ruth & Paul who both lived their lives in a closet
Step mother & Aunty of all Doris' children & grandchildren
Mistress of Roxie the Schnauzer, & Cats Boo Boo & Panther.
May She Rest in Heavenly Peace
as she lived in earthly republican homophobia!!"

Try it.

It's fun.



sunflowersnstone said...

that is too funny. LOL

lisaatoffice said...

fab. altho you gonna need a big stone ;)