Sunday, July 23, 2006

Wrestling With My Conscious

I left the house early to go to the airport 2 days ago.  That way I could stop in the Jewelry exchange & pick up Doris' gift!  Mona only came down $15.00 on the price, big fuckin' whoop. 

I had made my mind up, though.  And that I knew Doris loved it, well how could I resist?  Clearly we will not be able to get one for each of us, two of the braclets would be almost $1,000. (dang that Mona.)  Not to worry, I shall just enjoy looking at the beautiful, sleek golden cats around Doris' lovely, long strong arm!  (She should have been a pro basketball player being 6 ft tall.)  (love her muscles!) 

I paid with a check for "cash" so I didn't have to add the tax, which is now up to frickin' 7% thanks to our dumbass new govenor that recently brought the whole damn state to a standstill until evrybody voted yes for increasing the tax change.  Hell, I voted for him, but I now think he should be impeached...  6% tax was the only great thing about living in (Elizabeth, pay attention!) NEW JERSEY. 

Well, that's not entirely true - I do get to share a (teeeeeeeeny abode in the Jersey burbs - couldn't afford more) with my  Fabulous Woman,  so that IS a great thing!  Obviously I would be willing to live most anywhere just to be with Her (since I'd lived in NYC for 27years, in Greenwich Village, on Christopher St (!) (the corner of Christopher & Bleeker to be exact! - Homosexual Mecca at the time) to be MORE exact... Yep, I actually moved to fuckin' NJ to buy a house with her.  Years later we had the opportunity to buy my parent's wonderful home in California, but noooOOOOooooo.  She was born in Jersey & she's more than likely going to die here...  She won't move. 

Okay, so now here we are, 10 yrs later, (we had been together 15yrs before buying a house,)....  

My little slice of heaven.  As it were...

Need a new roof, new plumbing, new bathtub (it is too small,) new toilet  sink & tile, new electrical wiring, painting inside & out,& we need to cut down a couple of rotting trees about 4 stories high. (That would cost more than $1,000/tree - fuckin' robbers those tree service folks are...)  hmmm, what am I leaving out...  Well, nevermind. 

So I am feeling irresponsible, but uhmmm,.......    Screw it! 

Instead of doing any of the above repairs & taking care of business,..... well,.....  I have invested in a lovely Italian sculptured, exquisite golden cat bangle for my lover.  Two gorgeous, sleek (dare I say slick?!) pussys facing each other.  Works for ME!  She is thrilled.  And heck, you only live once... 

This time around!... heh! heh!


jabz1965 said...

what a wonderful amazing gift! Doris is a lucky woman and I am sure she loves it! Who wouldn't! I imagine myself doing the same thing for Cindy and her scoffing at me for half a second. She just had her 37th birthday in June and I tend to go overboard but I can't help myself! So I think it's a great thing and something she will always can't put a price on that. Good job!

syd888 said...

I'm much the same way, Kmae.  Too practical, most of the time.  But the times that I have thrown caution into the wind and splurged for Karlene, I've never regretted.  Mind you, it's usually for a gun instead of jewelry...hey, that's what she likes! LOL

BTW, tall women are sexy.

sunflowersnstone said...

I'm happy she liked it.

I heard about the stand still... the state is loosing a lot of money waiting on an agreement.


nfluxus said...

LOL! I used to live in Jersey, north and south. Madison. Parsippany. Northfield.

Be glad your tax is 7%. Ours is 8.25. And I know all about the tree service folks. It's a bitch to pay that much to take down a tree.

I bet she is thrilled with her slick pussy. She's lucky to have someone who loves her as much as you do. Congratulations on 25 wonderful years.

wordsrock said...

I feel the need to chime in to defend the tree service folk.  I mean really.  Think about what they do, dangling high up in the treetops juggling chainsaws, somehow defying gravity as they carefully and cautiously do their job without destroying anything in the vicinity.  I think their labor is worth the big bucks!

The bracelet sounds lovely.
Slick pussy.  lmao.

nursepam2001 said...

Houses are temporary but Golden Pussy is forever.  If you weren't already taken I'd ask you to marry me ;^)