Monday, July 17, 2006

July 17, 1981 - 2006

I am a lucky woman!!!  25yrs with my Beautiful babe!  Fuckin' awesome!!

Okay, Doris & I drove to Atlantic City on Saturday.  I secretly took our bathing suits, makeup, clothes etc thinking I would be able to get a room with my flight ID & surprise my Woman!  Well, it just so happened this was the "Madonna" weekend & rooms were $469 everywhere.  So much for that.  And Doris is NOT a Madonna fan, so I was relieved I didn't need to suprise her with tickets.  phew!  Okay, not to worry, we went to a nice restaurant & had great grub...  relaxed & talked about our options...  We were just fine strolling the boardwalk for hours & wandering in & out of the casinos, & watching people.  uh...  yikes! with the people.... 

After the sun went down we drove over to the Borgata, which was very exquisite, -finally some class- hung out around there & played some slot machines.  Eventually we decided to leave & drive home.  It was late & we got on the wrong highway & ended up in Philly, shish!!  Well we laughed the whole day long & THAT was just the ridiculous end, thank God we found it halarious. 

You know, if I never go back to AC it would be fine with me.  Truth is I really hate that place.  (Don't really like Vegas either.)  First I seriously can't STAND all the cigarette smoke, it totally stinks, not to mention who can breathe in there????  It's depressing seeing all those folks just throwing their money away & LOOSing it!  Especially if it's ME !!!!!  I work too fucking hard to piss away my paycheck like that. 

BUT Doris (& her Sisters & her work friends & her church ladies) love the casino thing, they think is so much fun.  And I wanted D to have fun, I knew she would enjoy going there, so I did the scene & never complained & just watched Doris enjoy herself.  After so many slots, it got boring to me but I just rolled with the flow.  I patiently waited for HER to get bored & want to go.  In the car on the way home, then I told her how I felt & she was like not so thrilled with Atlantic City either, said it had really changed for the worst. 

But I just really enjoyed being away, alone with her, we never go there, I know she's wanted to, & I felt rewarded that she didn't care for it so much anymore either.  It didn't really go the way I'd planned it, but it was still a fun time to share. 

So Sunday I thought we'd stay home from church, but Doris had gotten 4 messages on the anwsering machines saying they needed her for the combined choirs when we got in Sat nite.  I knew I should go with her if for no other reason than to be 'together' for our anniversary weekend.  However, I really didn't want to go thru listening to the congregation clapping for Mrs & Mr Robinson celebrating their 23rd year anniversary when we can't announce & celebrate our 25th.  Pisses me off.  D just rolls her eyes at this & off she went (I KNOW they needed her great gospel voice for the service,) & I layed around & caught up on blogs!  We were going into New York City later for dinner! 

Well, it was a scorcher that day & I fell asleep in a coma sweat from the heat (surrounded by the Sunday papers, my laptop, & "The Velvet Rope" lesbian film playing on Logo our gay TV in this part of the woods!)  ahhhhhh, heaven. 

I was pleasantly awakened by garlic chicken cooking in the oven downstairs, Doris was home & started dinner!  She said the Sunday traffic was bumper to bumper & it was too hot to venture to the City thru the tunnel.  Well, okay with me!!!  We went out & took a dip in our (above ground) pool - which was FREEZing & that cooled us right off!  We floated around, bobbeling in the late afternoon (heavy on the sun screen) until time to eat!  Yum!  We took a short nap on the couch reading the papers, then I mowed the lawn when the sun set late.  D wanted to go to the Dairy Queen so off we went.  We came back & parked in the driveway under a big moon & talked about how lucky & blessed we are.  We often back into our driveway, roll down the windows & just watch the world go by & chat.  Reminds me of highschool & college, coming home from dates. 

So today (Monday) was The Day!  I had gotten pink roses  & 2 beautiful cards for my Doris & left them on the downstairs kitchen table.  We had said no presents.  Imagine my shock when I staggarded down to find a shiney purple bag with 3 anniversary balloons (I love balloons,) 3 wonderful cards & a gorgeous black hills ring with an unusual stone!  DAMN.  And me without a present for her.  Oh, man.  Well, of course I was thrilled, but I felt bad.  I said lets go immediately & I'll get you a bauble too!  No she said, you've spent too much & you've already given me everything I ever wanted.  Ahhhh.  Love this girl! 

It was another too hot day, so we layed around, watched some daytime TV, got into the pool (it is WONderful to have a pool, even if it is only an above ground because the summer sun is SO intense these days.)  We floated around & talked about our amazing life together.  Then we went to the Macaronni Grill & chowed down.  Manny, our favorite waiter gave us cheesecake & lowered the prices for our special day!  He couldn't believe we were gay!   HUH????  And here I was thinking I was turning into another tired looking dyke.  Perish the thought! 

We drove home expressing how lucky & blessed we are!  Lordie, it was hot.  Doris climbed back into the pool & later enjoyed her dessert.  I appologized for not having a bigger 'party weekend' for our 25th year together, she said no way - this was great!  Yeah, it was.  I'm so happy I had her all to myself!  But make no mistake, as soon as I get back from tomorrow's trip I'm buying her a beautiful present! 




sassyfemmect said...

Kmae, it sounds like a perfectly fabulous anniverary celebration!   I love reading about you guys, really!  

dghtronly said...

Sounds like a marvelous weekend. Sometimes all you need is each other (I've been told)

My daughter and I are headed to Vegas for her birthday in a few months. I don't expect to *love* it, I'm so not a gambler, but it will be fun to 1) just go and be and 2) see her have a ball.

Congratulations on your milestone!

syd888 said...

I love reading about them too, Sassy.  I just get all dreamy...

Sounds like a great weekend to me, KMae.  

wordsrock said...

25 years!  Congratulations.  Your weekend sounds heavenly.  Food, fun and togetherness.  Just perfect.

kmb524 said...

Thanks for the moral support Suzanne, Syd, Deborah & Sassy!  There is just nothing better than being with the one you love.  Deb, we gotta start working on getting you hooked up!

jabz1965 said...

CONGRATS! How wonderful to have so many years together! That is what I look forward to with my girl. I've never had the feeling like I could be with someone for so long like that until now. Sounds like you had a wonderful time celebrating! I know what you mean about the smoke. It's funny how sacrificing something you really don't want to do seems so easy for the woman you love. I haven't been to Atlantic City for many years. Not anxious to go back, but I would for my girl....I'd go anywhere. What lucky and blessed woman you both are! YAY!

jabz1965 said...

Hey again...
just wanted to say thanks for adding my blog to your list! What a great thing! I am still learning this whole thing. I have no idea how to add people's blogs to my list or link anything. I would love to add yours as I LOVE IT!

kmb524 said...

Oh Julie, you are one of my favorite writers, I always look forward to your entries.
My listed bloggers are all Lesbians.  Some are hilarious!  There are many more that I read, but mainly dykes.  

nfluxus said...

Congratulations!! Doris is very lucky to have you because you are one fine lesbionic babe.

I thought you two lived out in CA. You live near NYC? I'm confused. Max and I visit NYC every year. Let's get together next time. Too bad we couldn't meet up this past time but I didn't realize you were even near NY until you commented on my blog on Sunday.