Thursday, July 13, 2006


Shit.  I have gained 1 1/2 lbs.  I/2 lb last week, 1 lb this week.  FUCK, Shit, Piss.  Okay.  Today after a quick Curves workout Doris & I went to a mall, & walked for 2 hrs. (Got a new smaller bra!!) I couldn't help but notice my reflection in store mirrors.  I called Doris over to one, pointing I said LOOK!!!  I look skinny!!!  She said you are skinny, you have really dropped that weight! 

So at WW tonight I was shocked I'd gained yet another fucking pound.  I started cussing, (yeah, they love me there) & then I remembered eating airplane sandwiches (roastbeef/CHEESE on fat white buns) last week, & left overs from Doris' damn plate last night, so.......  Back to pure, strict focus.  Back to bootcamp deprivation.   

So here's my latest delima...  What the hell will we do for our 25th Anniversary???   We talked about going to AC (Atlantic City) to walk the boardwalk & do the beach thing.  I Looked up the Casino Shows on the computer & the tickets are SO expensive.  crap. 

I looked up Rainbow Mountain (a gay resort in the Poconos we've gone to & the prices are so sky high.)  Plus it is raining on & off so much, the Delaware River is swollen over it's banks. 

No money for a big party, & really, I'd rather have it just she & I.  Maybe I just won't worry about it & do nothing, just go with the flow like every other weekend.  After all, we might not have extra money to spend, but we DO have each other - such a blessing!- and we do have our own home which we enjoy just hanging out at!  I feel like I will let her down if I don't come up with anything brilliant. 

One good thing, I was able to trip trade & get mon off, 7/17th!  25 years!  Doris is just as beautiful now as she was when I layed eyes on her across a crowded dance floor at a NYC Dyke Disco!  We are so blessed! 

So I am flying out tomorrow & will be back fri night.  I guess the "festivities" will begin whenever I wake up on Sat. morn.  I have 2 days to think about it.  Any ideas will be welcomed.


dghtronly said...

:( Sorry about the weight gain..maybe the stress of what to do for the big 25? WOW though and much congrats!  If not a trip or a big party, how about a small party-for two, in the home you both love. You might even look into having it *catered* if you could arrange it on short notice.  Whatever you do, I'm sure it will be fantastic. Have a great time.  

nursepam2001 said...

Happy Anniversary you two!  Enjoy!

And don't worry too much about the weight gain.  Everyone fluctuates by a couple of pounds on a regular basis.

sassyfemmect said...

Happy Anniversary!!!  You two are an inspiration!  Wishing you many, many more years of happiness together!