Thursday, July 20, 2006

I Know what I want to get Her !

Ooooh!  I saw what I want to get Doris!  A beautiful gold braclet that has 2 sculptured cat/panther/lynx type heads facing ea other.  You pull the heads apart to put the braclet on.  She loves it.  It's perfect!  Also expensive.  Mona the jeweler is calling tomorrow to let me know if she can come down in price...

Of course, we dont NEED cat braclets to be happy about 25yrs together.  BUT it's always nice to have a lovely bauble to gaze upon & think of the milestones that pass us by!! 

I'm tired.  Wish I didn't have to fly tomorrow.  drat.

But I'll sure have to fly more than tomorrow if I wanna get that fabulous braclet for my gorgeous scrumpkins!


sunflowersnstone said...

i've seen some really nice stuff like that on It's a lady that I know of that also blogs. She hand makes these stuff. I dont know what price range you are looking for but I would think something like that would be around a hundred bucks.

Blossom says it's pretty cool that you and she have been together for 25 years.

Austin w/ Blossom sitting beside me.

syd888 said...

That sounds lovely, kmae.  

dghtronly said...

Oh what the heck, Go For It! You guys have earned it.


sassyfemmect said...

The bracelet sounds lovely!