Friday, July 28, 2006

A Free Day

I'm so used to picking up extra trips to make more money that it is very ODD to just sit at home & not do that.  I decided a month or so ago I was going to have to stop because I kept getting so sick from being run down.  Funds being rather low in Both our accounts (like empty, non-existant) it's hard to afford gas to travel anywhere but work. 

However I really MISS going to the beach this summer.  It keeps raining on the weekends here in Jersey, so it isn't the best weather to sit & enjoy the seascape. Last night (midst lightning & thunder) we spoke about possibly venturing out today if the sun stays out to go sit on the sand & just suck in the salty air.

The View is almost over so I'd better hurry & see if I can rustle the Fabulous Doris out of her back yard utopia, fill up the tank & take a day trip!  Wish me luck.

PS, lost another pound.  Finally!

Well, Dang.  A severe storm watch has been issued over the whole Eastern seaboard & the whole tri-state area.  So okay.  No trip to the shore today. Ratshit.  Guess I'll go get groceries.  Hey, have I mentioned the pleasure of frozen grapes during the summer time?  Good diet tip.


dghtronly said...

Good Luck on getting some (day trippin') eventually.  Personally, I'm not much of a beach person, but I can understand the urge to get out. I haven't had much "free" time time yet this summer either. I hope to take care of some of that this weekend.

Congrats on the loss and woo woo to frozen grapes.

Have a fantastic weekend.

madmom2 said...

Hey, if you go down one day next week, you're likely to find me there, soaking up the rays and (hopefully) beating the heat!  : )  I'm an old Jersey girl myself...lived most of my life in Camden and Gloucester Counties.  Small world.