Wednesday, November 05, 2008


OMG!!!! OMG!!!!

I am SO Excited

I can NOT believe it.

I wanted to celebrate with Doris, but she was busy on the phone with her Grandaughter. I was downstairs & Tiffany called her, i heard her talking & said "Did he win? did he win?" She just ignored me. I ran up the steps & said did he WIN??? She said yes, but kept talking to Tiffy. I felt hurt. I had fantasized about us jumping up & down, screaming & hugging - But- it wasn't to be.
I felt hurt. And alone.

But I got over it.
We laid in bed listening to his acceptance speech, tears running down our cheeks. Afterwards we hugged & kissed. It was all good.

BARACK OBAMA, our 1st black president! (I was pissed Texass voted McCain - why was I surprised?? God, I'm glad I got out!) I'm happy I have lived to see this day!

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Val said...

YAY... it was (and still is) amazing! Linda & I wept together and continue to be incredulous. What a country!