Sunday, November 16, 2008

I Finally Saw Roxie!

So it finally happened today! Roxie came by to spend some time with me. It was wonderful & a total surprise how it happened.

First I drove to the Flee Market & Charlie showed up sitting next to me, holding Roxie in his lap. He said, "I told you she was okay, see?" It was so great. He laid her down in the front seat & climbed in the back. This of course was in my mind - that's how it comes.. Just thoughts out of the blue.

Okay next, I went to the gym & was walking on the treadmill watching the HGTV channel with headphones. Suddenly Roxie was walking on the treadmill next to me - like when we would walk down the street, just so nonchalantly. It made me smile.

Next I was doing the breast stroke in the small pool with a noodle under my arms & suddenly, there was Roxie swimming next to me - sailing thru the water, smoothly with no effort like a dang bird-dog! That was so wierd, because she never swam before, never walked on a treadmill either for that matter.

Lastly she showed up in the steam room, just laying up on the shelf next to me. I was like 'Roxie, Roxie, Roxie!!!' She gave me the message that she would be with me whenever I need her, don't worry. She was calm, quiet, loving & peaceful. It was SO GREAT! I feel better now.

Yeah, I know I'm crazy. But I do have this gift now & then! Everybody has it, actually. You just have to quiet yourself & let it come.