Friday, November 14, 2008

Had a Few Laughs Today

I had a full day & kept busy, trying not to obsess over my little Roxie so much. Went to the airport to pickup a check from my credit union savings, emptied it out.

Then to medical to get a flu shot. (YEA! I finally did it, always need a flu shot - I'm around so many cootiefied people, plus I'm a weakling in the stamina & resistance department.)

Deposited the check in my bank, then payed the mortgage. (Phew, that's done this month.)

Then we went to see the new dumbass James Bond movie, have no idea WHAT the hell it was even about. But it did occupy my mind with that huge screen of car crashes, plane crashes & other mundane violence. The butter popcorn was great tho' & man, did I stuff down my feelings.

Then returned a baby stroller for twins (somebody bought & supreme "cadillac" version for $300, so my little $100 Jeep brand which I was so excited about in the beginning had to go back.) Baby showers are such a bore.

Bought instead a bunch of newborn baby clothes, & then of course what else?- TWO large evening bag clutches for all the inagural balls & other fancy occasions I'll never go to! Maybe I'll use one at the next high school reunion dinner in 2010! (Gee hope I'm still alive.) smile.

But if I kick the bucket before then, at least I know my little Roxie Moto will be there to great me when I come thru the light!

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the only daughter said...

Laughter is good.

Bond, James Bond, really? Just kidding. Any excuse for movie theater popcorn, yum.