Thursday, October 30, 2008

Flying Out Again Today & Back on Halloween

I have been SO busy flying (just started my 41st year!), PLUS I had to go to DFW for recurrent training (we have to go thru it every year for the FAA to keep up our flying credentials) (evacuating airplanes, opening window exits, putting out fires, reviewing medical proceedures, working defibrilators & doing mmr/ccc, etc). It is grueling & exhausting & boring & we all dread it. Then I had to fly again the next 2 days... Shit man, I am pooped.

I am staying in bed all day today, catching up on my email & favorite blogs.... ah ecstacy! That is until I have to get up & go to my favorite Weight Watchers meeting... which I shall be up 1 or 2 lbs because i ate butter popcorn at the movies yesterday (The Secret Life of Bees - great! And W - also great) AND Chinese food afterwards. Man it is SO hard to fight weight gain. I have the propensity to be a giant blimp. Crap.

God I hope Obama wins. I don't trust middle America, tho. They're all so stupid. (and I of course am just such a Mensa, - HA!....... (NOT.)

I can't find my witches hat & cape for halloween... I'm flying back from Lax that day & always cause quite a stir as I pull my wheels thru the terminal with that big ole pointy hat (with feathers around the edges) & black cape flying thru the breeze. I even have a short broom to go with my ensemble. Now, where did I put that damn costume???

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the only daughter said...

Boo!! Happy day. I hope you find your costume.