Saturday, October 11, 2008

Transfer to

I am Hating moving my dumb ole blog which I hardly ever write in anyway.
I am so LAME on computers in the first place.
I can't make the letters bigger.
I miss my old font.
(I am trying them all out here..)
Honestly, I can never read all of your blogs that regularly use blogspot because the print is so small.
Which brings up another thing - nobody's blog transfered here on the list, I guess I'll have to start it all over again, (the favorite blog list, I mean.)
Hey, at least the last font was dark & heavy.
Guess I choose this one, 'verdana' - at least I THINK that's what it is, the print in the font choice is SO SMALL I can barely see it.
Also I liked having a purple & lavender blog at AOL. This pink is the only one I could find on the 'blog choice menu.'
oh, What the hell eVER.

I don't write that much anymore anyway.
Life is too stressful right now.
Geesh, like I need this stupid blog transfer drama bullshit right now.
Dumbass AOL.


the only daughter said...

I hope the stresses you speak of end soon. I hope your frustration with blogger ends soon as well.

Take gentle care.

JulieB said...

Your true believers will follow you anywhere!


SassyFemme said...

KMae, can you edit the HTML code in your blog to change the text size to large or xlarge? said...

I love blogspot ... I moved here about 2 years ago.... and I've updated my bookmark to follow you here. :)

eb said...

But I can comment on your blog now! And that should make up for all the crap you have to deal with.

I'm not sure what computer you use but if you're on a PC, you can hit the 'Ctrl' button and the '+' button as many times as you need to and the type will get bigger and bigger.

KMae said...

Yea!! so glad to hear from you all!
Thanks for writing.