Sunday, September 07, 2008

September Is Here Already??? dang.

I LOVE SUMMER, I don't want it to end. 
snarful, cough!
I KNOW it's hot.  I KNOW I have hot flashes on top of that.  I KNOW our frickin' central air-conditioning broke this year (it was hell) & we made "do" with a window air-conditioner in our upstairs bedroom. (Worked fine, & boy did we save on the electric bill!)  I KNOW the mosquitos could give us west nile virus or worse...  geeze I could go on & on... 

I KNOW the changing of the leaves are spectacular & the most gorgeous time of the year, esp in the Poconos.  I KNOW the crispness in the air is so fresh & revitalizing.  I KNOW the flights get back to 'normal' with all the rugrats back in school, vacations over & just regular business passengers that are 'aware' of the fucked up changes in flying & are already 'over' it, thus easier trips. 

But I LOVE SUMMER.  I love the smell of sunshine, fresh cut lawns, flowers, the ocean waves crashing on the shore, chirping birds & even crickets & croaking frogs!  Summer is so short here in the East.  I should SO live in LA.  But Doris won't go.  sigh.

Yeah, yeah yeah - Fall is the greatest time of the year, BUT it too only last a short minute.  Like summer, the bliss is SO quick.  Then here comes the weather, rainstorms, sleet & snow, & there goes the sun & light.  Here comes my depression from light deprivation, there goes the lazy hazy days outside, here comes the prison of staying indoors from the frickin' 'elements.' 

Waaaaa waaaaa waaaa, oh let me just shut the F up right now.  It is what it is, this is where I live with my frickin' beloved...
snarlll, snort.

I'm lucky I'll have trips to Lax to get to the sunny skies, green grass & palm trees in the winter time.  Hopefully.  The way things are going our airline may take that away from us too, they've already CANCELLED all but ONE Los Angelos trip into & out of Newark Airport.  Driving to JFK is out of the question, esp in bad weather.  So I pray to maintain "status quo."

Okay, I'll stop bitching now.  (For the moment!)
Let me get outside & enjoy the sunny warmth while I still can.  oye.


onetoughcookie43 said...

The way global warming seems to be picking up speed, we might get longer summers! But seriously, I understand how you feel. I have fallen in love with gardening and am not ready to see the summer crops gone. But hey, in another 9 months as long as that seems, we can start over again. Love it when you post.
Best to you and Doris.

sassyfemmect said...

I don't really mind that summer is over since I love fall.  The only thing I don't really like about winter is how it gets dark so early.  I don't get depressed, but I just find that I get sleepy much earlier when it's dark out.  I also don't like leaving for work int the morning when it's dark, and coming home at night when it's dark.  

When you fly to LA do you usually get a night or two over there, or is it turn around and come right home?

dghtronly said...

Summer, short but oh so sweet. I tend to agree, but I've come accustomed to the changes.  

It's great to be able to see the other coast.   I hope they don't cut any more of the Newark to LA routes.

Enjoy what's left of what's left of the beautiful weather.