Monday, December 17, 2007

Vacation, Yea!!!

Yikes, I just finished flying 8 out of 10 days to get some overtime to add to my measley vacation pay & now I am off till the end of the month!  Of course, vacation in Dec is never a real vacation because of all the holiday (family) angst, however I can't imagine working a full month during Christmas/New Years. 

So far we went to one party which was fun because it was mainly GAY !!!!!  With NO KIDS!!  What a treat!  But since I had flown in from lax that night we went home by 0100 am.  Doris actually wanted to stay longer.  I am always the one who wants to go home first no matter where we go.  Just ain't no place like it.  Esp when I'm gone so often.

Then next day we both took a 3 (THREE) hour nap!!  Yep yep, I am one exciting woman.

After that, the snow/ice storm started on into this morning.  So we stayed in today (yep played hooky from church!)  I shoveled half the driveway, that was some heavy, wet snow, thank God it wasn't that deep!  Took a hot bath, got back into bed & took another 3 hr nap!  Dang, I am tired.  Doris cooked a fabulous Sunday dinner & I ate everything!  (big surprise.)  Then a night of TV in bed !  I am happy.  Ahhh, contentment. 


sassyfemmect said...

We're never out until 1 am, that's so far past our bedtime it's not even funny.  Luckily for us most of our friends are all early people, too.

Enjoy all your time off, you've certainly earned it!

dghtronly said...

Truly! Enjoy your time off. I hope the weather isn't too bad and the family gathering not too stressful.