Sunday, December 23, 2007

Oh yeah, I knew it

D's youngest son (in his fourties) called today & Doris told him she'd send him a bus ticket to come for Xmas.

Oh joy.
Oh rapture.

She's an idiot.  She hasn't paid the gas/electric bill (up to $500.00) yet.  And we owe for garbage pick up too.  Among other things.  This is SO pathetic.  Seriously sad.  I feel bad for her, except that I'm pissed.  He is such a turd.  So I gotta get over it.  He is sickening. 

Sang with Doris' choir at the Christmas service today.  Then went & circled the Greyhound Bus station a bunch of times in the teaming rain while she BOUGHT her grown son a ticket.  I hesitate in writing his real name down here.  Guess I shall just refer to him as ASSWIPEMOTHERFUCKER.

Then went to a Christmas Birthday party at the church parsonage.  Ya know, it was not bad, & the food was great!!!
Party party party party.  When will it all end!?

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dghtronly said...

Much luck with all the relatives underfoot. Party party party sounds like the way to go. ;)

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
xoxo Deborah