Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Best Movie!

Went to Curves the past 2 days & WW yesterday.  I am officially back to 175 lbs. 
Whatareyagonadoooo??  Holiday food is too tempting. 

After carefully avoiding cakes & cookies all month I finally got weak & gobbled down both for the past 2 nights.  I felt like crap in the mornings.  I tell ya, SUGAR is poison.  It Really makes me feel like shit.  If you pay attention to your body I'm sure it does the same to you.

Went to 2 movies this evening,
one was EXCELLENT: The Great Debaters!
One was mediocre:  National Treasure.

The Great Debaters was SO Great that everyone should see it.  It was set in the beautiful piney woods of East Texas & Louisiana.  God, it was spectacular scenery!  Just exquisite!  And the acting was so Good. 

It was mainly about racism & prejudice in 1938, & how young black Americans pulled themselves thru that type of violence with a debate team that competed across the country. 

It really got to me because I grew up in Dallas & Richardson Texas, but chose to go to College (Stephen F. Austin) in Nacogdoches, a small East Texas town.  So I knew all the southern beauty & locations in the midst of the ugly truth of hatred against anything non-wasp.

I'm sure it is still that way today if that truth really be told.  No doubt in my mind.  There are still just too many 'good ole boys' & their repressed wifeys all over America, let alone in Marshal Texas where this story specifically took place.  It is a true story set in an all-black (at the time) Wiley College...  And  Nacogdoches was just down the road 'a piece' from Marshall. 

It was so bitter-sweet as I have big memories, growing up there in my freshman, sophomore, junior year of College- till I got in trouble for dancing a with a black student at a school dance & was basically told to leave...( can we say 'kicked OUT?')  It was 1968. I always say 'they shoulda been glad it was a boy!' 

That whole mentality makes my heart ache.  Unfortunately it is alive & well everywhere, not just East Texas - but fageddaboudit... it is blatant there.  still.  Just not so obvious, now that it is supposedly against the law.

This was a beautifully done movie, extremely moving & you might not cry as hard as I did since you didn't grow up there, but the story was poignant beyond belief.  Do yourself a favor & go see The Great Debaters.  Oprah sure outdid herself on this one!

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