Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas

Christmas Eve was almost magical!  The Daughter & Granddaughter did not come by at 100 pm to stay, as promised & decided not to show up until Christmas day at the big family party out in Burlington!  (I had cleaned like a frickin' nut - but Yea!!  We had Xmas Eve alone!)  YES!!!!

So after going to the Christmas Eve watch at church where Doris sang Ave Maria as I accompanied her on the piano (with Bach's Prelude in Well-tempered Clavichord) (didn't make even one mistake for a change!) (ALMOST enjoyed it & smiled a bit...)  we set out for Manhattan after midnight to see the fabulous Christmas lights, the exquisite Tree at Rockefeller Center, & the outrageous Christmas windows at Bergdorf's, SAKS, & Lord& Taylor.  Then of course, we went for the hot dogs around 0200am at Papayas on 6th Ave & 8th St in the VilLAge!
Excellent!  We seem to making this a yearly tradition. 

The next morning, Doris got up & picked up the AWMF at the greyhound bus terminal, & then his sons & brought them home. They had a few hours to visit before we were speeding  down the turnpike to the generous Niece's sprawling home where the aroma from Sis's incomparable cooking lifted us up the minute we hit the front door!  Oh GOD, her food was SO delicious beyond imagination & yes, I went back for 2 more plates of dressing & gravy!

And for the first time all Doris' Children AND Grandchildren showed up along with all the Cousins & Uncles & Aunts!  It truly was wonderful!  Doris was thrilled & in Seventh Heaven with everyone major in her life there.  It was so much fun to watch them all enjoying each other!  It was GREAT & showed me why it was good that she brought the bad son there- for everyone else to love.

This morning the kids enjoyed their father so much, we could hear them laughing & joking in the kitchen while making breakfast.  They were relaxing, watching TV & just being together for the 1st time all year (since last Xmas.)

The oldest grandson had to go to the airport to meet a young girl- friend coming in to visit from London.  Doris & I were getting it together to go meet her & when we went downstairs to leave they were all standing there with their coats & hats on...  I was like, "where is the girl going to sit with everyone in the car?"  Oh well- AWMF had  called his friend  to come pick him up & drive him to the Poconos, so we could just "drop him off at the diner across from his kid's grandfather before we go to the airport."

What an ASS.  He couldn't get thru another night with his adorable sons (19 & 15) & Mother that he only sees ONCE a year before he made his great escape?  He does this EVERY damn year. 

Doris & her grandsons are so used to this behavior that they just sighed away their disappointment & away we went to drop the little darling off as he kissed his mom & sons saying "see ya in a minute!"  Oh just gag me with an elbow.  I,  am SO pissed at the ASSWIPEMOTHERFUCKER for once again hurting Doris & his boys. 

Of course Doris does NOT want me to voice my opinion on the subject as everything has gone well up until now.  But what a fucking schmuck, honest to my JESUS.  If this pompous bastard dropped dead tomorrow I would never miss the selfish cocksucker, nor would I shed any tears.  Well maybe a few just for those left who love him in spite of who & what he is.

So onward to the airport where we waited & waited for this girl's delayed flight from England on British Airways.  I kept trying to take my focus off how the AWMF's behavior was so heinous & enjoy the grand kid's excitement in waiting for their foreign friend.  And it really was SO adorable!  The oldest was SO nervous, he didn't know what to do or say.  He had no plan A, B or C !!

These kids are all so sweet & innocent still.  It's kinda a beautiful thing.  So precious how the oldest lit up when he saw the girl walking down from customs & how she just glowed when she finally saw him after 12 hrs of travel.  They giggled & hugged, I swear it was So damn sweet!!  And did I mention the young lady is absolutely adorable AND beautiful?!  We took her to her hotel & then we all went to Burger King (their choice) before dropping the 3 of them back at the hotel. 

I was a bit worried about leaving them alone there, but they all met at a Salvation Army camp where they worked together & they are all really good, nice kids.  I did later call their mother & inform her that's where they are.  'Kill joy', maybe...  But I would want to know if I were the mother & she seemed cool about it since the younger brother is there with them. 

So, that was Christmas 2007.  Wonderful beyond my expectations!  Screw the dumbbutt looser son, there's nothing I can do about it & everyone was so happy he was there.  Clearly his charm escapes me.  He says he is coming back to help Doris with the plumbing for both sinks (which is desperately needed) in a few days ("in a minute.")  Sure.  Whatever.  We'll see. 

Hope y'all had as great a holiday as I did.  And well, there's always one relative that is so much MORE dysfunctional than others, no?  I just don't know WHAT the damn lesson is that I am supposed tobe learning here from him.  If anyone can see beyond the BS could you please help me figure it out?  Am I just to ignore the mooch, live & let live?  What? 


ma24179 said...

I am glad to hear that you had a wonderful Christmas! Sorry bout the mooch tho lol. :) -Missy

onetoughcookie43 said...

AWMF!! That is too funny although I know you don't mean it to be.
Glad Christmas turned out so well. Here's hoping for the same on New Years!!

jabzz1965 said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR K! Good that your Holiday turned out so well! It's true, sometimes, we have to look beyond the assholes that put a dent in our day. Damn, sometimes it is the hardest thing to do. I tell ya, I am SOOO glad it's over. I say that every year....but this year I mean it!

Let's have a better year!


val41221 said...

Sounds like you had a great time.. glad you're blogging more regularly again! :)