Friday, December 21, 2007

Wow, 3 days went by fast

My gosh, thurs is already over.  Saw 2 movies today, I am Legend with Will Smith & The Perfect Holiday with Queen Latifa which was Cute!  We had seen them filming this in Newark at a mall 2 summers ago. 

Yesterday went to a Century 21 Party put on by my real estate agency broker.  Haven't sold for 2 yrs now, but Doris loves to go to his parties.  Actually she likes any party.

Sat next to the young woman whom I had last sold her house, then found her a new house.  She was SO cute & smart & decided to try being a realtor herself!  Guess the experience didn't bother her half as much as it bothered me (got shingles dealing with the buyer's agent who was from my very own office & the folks buying my client's home had so many problems she wouldn't discuss with me, the closing date had to keep being moved back & it affected her closing on the new house & THOSE sellers trying to close on their next home over in Florida, & THEIR agent kept calling me to see what the fucking hold up was & they were going to loose their bid for not closing, plus I was flying 106 hrs that month...)  Well anyway, afterward I said  screw that shit, I ain't doin' it no more.  Maybe after I retire.  Can't juggle both jobs.  And the shingles sucked.  For real. 

Well anyway it was wonderful to see that kid wants to sell houses now & she was so happy to see myself & Doris.  Felt great.  And she's so excited about it, I remember when I felt the same.  Man was it ever a rude awakening for ME, I just wasn't as good as I wanted to be.  And I seriously dislike most real estate agents.  Can't frickin' stand the bitches.  You know when you'd rather fly than sell houses, something is WRONG.  At least Flight Attendants are NICE.  usually. 

I fell down the last 2 steps last night going downstairs to the kitchen.  Thought I was on the last step, but nooo...  CRASH! bang, yeowwww!  Thank God, Goddess Universe I didn't break my ankle/foot/leg, I just seem to be sprained & sore.  Soaked in the tub.  Needed a bath anyway.  What the hell.  I am SO LUCKY & GRATEFUL for sure & have been thanking God all day.  ThankYou, thankYou, thankYou GOD!  This is the best Christmas present ever, THANKYOU!  At 60yrs old I worry about havingbrittle bones.  (Maybe all that damn ice cream I gulped down the whole summer gave me extra calcium.  ha!)


sassyfemmect said...

Glad you weren't hurt falling down the stairs!  See, some good DOES come from eating ice cream.  :)

onetoughcookie43 said...

Merry Christmas too you both!!! Love hearing what you have to say and can't wait until the next time!!