Saturday, December 22, 2007

So Here We Go

OoooKaaaayyy, here we go...
     Doris' daughter & granddaughter said they are coming to stay on mon AFTERNOON.  Then heard Doris telling a grandson she would come get him  Xmas day.  I know we are also getting 2 other grandsons that day.  Did I ever mention her new car is SMALL?  And our house is miniscule?  Whatever.  I am going to just sit back & watch Doris arrange all this insanity & try not to panic.  Oh, God.
She's still trying to get ahold  of her younger (44) son.  Can't stand him.  I hope we never hear from him again. 
Yeah, right.  Like I'd be that lucky.  Maybe he can sleep outside if he comes.  Or better still maybe he'll just stay in Detroit where he dwells off of some stupid woman.  punk.  This is the only place I can vent - Doris loves him dearly.  Of course I can't say this to her.

Went to choir practice this afternoon then out to eat at Charlie Browns.  I stuffed my gutt.  It was stupid.  Shit.

I just want to go to SLEEP thru the next 3 days.  One good note, I just found out who I am flying with next month & I love them all!  Thankyou Jesus!

Im gona really have to clean this damn house.

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