Thursday, November 29, 2007

Time Sure Flies When You're Having Fun

Wow, it's taking me longer & longer to update the ole blog. 

Thanksgiving was wonderful!  So perfect.  Very few family members compared to the past.  Only about 9 & it was so peaceful.  I didn't overeat too badly.  Had lost 1 whole lb the week before so thank God I had the sugar & carbs under more control!  Yesterday at WW I'd only gained .2 lbs (that's point .2 !) which shocked me because I really did eat aLOT!  I guess the sugar really does put it on fast not to mention makes me feel like shit...  So glad to have more control over it.  It is such a drug.  Carbs too - since that all turns to sugar.  I had 4 whole days off so it felt like a vacation! 

Saw 3 great movies!
Why Did I Get Married? -  Halarious & great!
American Gangster - Great!
This Christmas - Fun & really good.
Always eat that "butter" popcorn.  Can't give that up yet.

Had Doris all to myself & it was SO excellent!
No children or grandchildren came.  yea!
But of course that just means they'll all be here for Christmas.  Oh joy.

Flying, flying, flying!  Alot.  And still not making enough money.  Damn Sam.  It's been hell since 9/11 when they cut our pay in half to avoid bankruptcy.  Fuckers.  Of course management is walking of with giant raises after all this time since WE kept us all above drowning.  Management sucks.  The little people always get screwed.  And without us, we ALL would have gone down.  AssWipe MotherFuckers.  Im so sick of working SO hard & being so broke. 

Doris had a beautiful silver GMC Envoy.  Her lease was up & she could have bought it off for $19,000 but her credit scores have taken a dive with all the credit card debt.  So she needed a co-signer.  I said NO, I can't do it.  It was sad & I felt bad.  Plus I loved that car, it was so smooth & comfortable.  Well, they they wouldn't finance her Envoy but dont' ya know they DID finance a NEW, white 08 Pontiac G6 four door.  Is that not fucked???  We really wanted the Envoy, but Doris is now driving a sporty little G6 hot of the press.  So wierd.  Life is strange.

Now I gotta put on the navy blue monkey suit & head out to the airport.  Lookin' forward to it.  NOT!!  ha!  No, it's all good.  I've had great passengers AND Flight Attendants to work with lately.
I am blessed.


tinaslaw said...

It's about time... :)

Believe me when I say I know your pain on the money front.

That's really bizarre about buying a new car over buying an old one.


Happy holidays!

dghtronly said...

I'm glad you've got a handle on the sugar and carbs and that the Thanksgiving festivities didn't slam you too badly.

I glad too that you were able to get a break from work and relax with your lady.  

Until next time, fly girl. :)


sassyfemmect said...

The G6 is a cute car! It's strange that the credit score would finance one kind of car and not another though.  I'd think the score would determine whether or not they'd finance anything, and income would determine how much they'd finance.  

Glad you had a good Thanksgiving!