Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Didnt sleep long last night.  Of course I had 2 naps earlier in the day, before I went to a Century21 staff meeting about underground oil tanks... which was enough to send me right back into another coma... Just more ways people take advantage of sellers & buyers in the name of much money to take care of this new burgeoning problem that was never a question 5 years ago when I started doing real estate.  damn.  Anyway, stayed up writing in this blog/journel last night & fell asleep late.  Of course, Roxie woke us uparound 0600 barking for food & to be let out.  It is a problem since Doris has retired, she gets so perturbed at the dog barking in the morning (or anytime for that that never happens when Im gone on flights,"all the animals behave for HER"...)  I wished she loved animals like I do, but she doesnt, never will.  She gets jealous of any attention I give them, hates the noise & the hair, & will NOT let them on the furniture.  It's sad.  It was a mistake to get the dog for Doris years ago, altho at the time she claimed she wanted a schnauzer.  I love my animals.  Id rather be with cats & dogs than human beings.  Anytime.  Flying will do that.  A job around a kadrillion people all these decades will definately turn you off of humanoids.  Probably for good.  That is why I just like to be alone with Doris instead of socializing so much.  Phase 3 we call it in 'the biz.' ... making conversation after all the work & serving is done.  Inane drival for the most part...'so is this a business trip or pleasure?...Where are you from?...Are you making a connection in LA?...'  blaa blaa blaa.  Give me the sweet purr of a kittycat or 2, or the happy wagging tail of a dog estatic to see you, the unconditional love of these wonderful animals is impossible not to adore. 

      And Doris would be SO much happier without any of them.  It's a problem.  Esp when she tells me each day how she wishes they were all gone, she gets so aggravated.  Then I get aggravated.  Upset.  My damn shingles start itching.  hell, no wonder Ive got shingles... among other reasons...just more stress upon all the rest of it:  Flying twice as much for less pay (since the paycut), doing Century21 on all the days off, not to mention Doris' retirement & being home everyminute of the day forthe past 6 months...oye!  No more sleep...ever!  Except NOW Ive come down wth shingles & all but pass out constantly from the flu symptoms of it...  So NOW I must sleep. Finally.  Sleeping again during the day.  Sad. My body had to go to THIS hideous extreme just to tell me to slow down & rest more.  sigh.  I am going to see if I can transfer the letter that I came down with Shingles that I wrote to some email friends to expalin why I havent been writing as much.  Maybe te next entry.  Right now I need a nap!

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