Friday, May 13, 2005

The 70's

I loved the 70's!....What I can remember about it.  I had lot's of fun trying to escape from reality, as it were.  Everything I did was basically a bad choice.  And if I had it to do all over again, I would change EVERYTHING.  If only I could!  I should have been a dancer.  I became a 'stewardess' to get to NY to study Jazz Ballet with LUIGI on Broadway.  It's what I was meant to do.  My God, I was SO good!  And although it was difficult to come off hard flights & take 3 & 4 dance classes a day, I did it & was just going for the gusto of the time to come when I would eventually audition for Broadway Musicals!  But alas...  I blew it.  Totally.  Got involved with Sex & Drugs & (Rock n Roll...  more like DISCO.)  Became a true Disco Queen for the ages!  So COOL, I thought I was.  And, if you saw me you'd have probably thought so, too.  But no.  I was definately not cool.  I did not want to get married, just to support my dance habit.  I did NOT want to live in a Dancer's commune just to be able to afford dance class.  I HAD to support myself on my own, so I kept flying.  Something had to go.  I was burning the candle at both ends, AND the middle.  One day I was just too tired & run down to get up & go to Luigi's.  The next day, I didnt go either.  From that moment on I was a true fool.  A slave to my new addictions, which well overtook my love of dance & any ambitions I had to succeed.  I chose to fail, must have had a fear of success.  I could go on for hours about why.  But that is a whole other story....

Now the only dancing Im doing is back & forth, up & down,  in the aisles.....  like a crazed lunitic, I might add.

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