Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I got an old person's disease, can you believe it?! An email to friends..

Hi guys,
I am writing to tell you that I have unfortunately come down with SHINGLES! It is really painful & I have had it for 2 weeks now. Had to call in sick for flying the beginning of May. It looks as if I will have to stay on the sick list the whole month because this stupid thing just doesnt seem to be going away. The 1st week I was REALLY sick, fluish, tired, in jabbing pain like a hot poker under my right armpit, down my arm, across my right chest & upper back. It sucks. But I know it could

it could be worse, so Im grateful its not in my eyes, etc. Some people get over shingles in 3 weeks, some longer, just spoke to one 96yr old lady who's had it for 6 years. As for the cause, besides being chicken pox dormant in the body since childhood, Im thinking I may have brought this on from stress: flying 102 hrs (work high time since the frickin' paycut) one month, 90-95 hrs most months, & also doing real estate ea day off - not to mention Doris retired 6 mo ago & its been quite an adjustment.
I thought I had been handling everything really well, but clearly my body decided to explode in all these little red blisters, stabbing pain & iching. really lovely. So now Im sleeping a lot since that is one way shingles effect you, giving that 'influenza' body ache feeling. I'll wake up feeling much better, but soon I'll feel so run down & drowsy.
So, Im just taking it easy for now, biding my time hoping this too shall pass. I mean I really DO have to go back to flying soon! smile.

Im sending out this newsletter to those of you used to hearing from me more often. Sorry it's such a bummer, guess Im feeling a bit sorry for myself, altho I try to go thru a gratitude list each day! Im well aware things could be so much worse. I shall just enjoy this time off & rest.
love youse all,

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