Monday, May 16, 2005

I want a Big Truck

I want a truck.  A big one.  I miss riding up high above the maddening crowd.  I miss feeling tough when I drive.  My PT Cruiser is cute.  Red & cute.  Sometimes I feel red & cute, but never do I ever feel little & compact.  I am not a soccer mom or an accountant.  Everybody loves my cute little car.  But, I want a big 4wheel drive truck that says get the fuck out of my way, Im coming thru NOW.  That's how I felt with Barbarella, my giant, dark red Dodge Ram Charger that I had to jump up into.  I may not have been too in charge with my life, but I surely was in charge of the Road!  You get more Respect in a big truck.  I feel like a dork driving a cramped, sensible, piddely psuedo sports car.  And there's just not enough room for all the junk I want to drive around with.  No way can I bring home that shiney new grill for Doris on layaway at Walmart.  As cool & adorable as my bright, polished Cruiser looks to many who stare as I zoom by, I feel much more aloof & in control in a large, solid Big-wheel. 

     Although Im aware I should be grateful for what I've got (& I am,) I still want a darn Truck. 

     Oh well.  There's a LOT in life that I want...... Im just not adjusting too well to life without a truck.


lovewilcox1 said...

Hey Kath~this is great.  I loved this entry.  Don't have time to read the others.
I signed up for the alerts.  Please email this to Phyl & Alice.  They would like to read it.  That is my thought.
Hope that you get to feeling better.  I find that when I am sick I want to get in the car & fly.  Could that be some part of your desire to be in a BIG truck.

sunflowersnstone said...

i loved my 4x4. i miss it so much. and yes, the power trip is amazing. there ya are sitting above the rest of the traffic looking down on them, knowing you could out run them in a heartbeat. knowing your truck has more power than their little POS. yes...yes..i remember the glory days of the blue Bronco II. (long sigh) Mic says this spring I'll be getting an old van of his. its sensible. lord! okay. i'll be greatful. it's free. he's paying the insurance and the plates as well as the upkeep so i shall not complain. i miss my 4x4.