Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The aging process

Life is supposed to be an adventure...and I guess it was.

Looking back I remember more excitement in my youth, even tho' I was a lot more miserable in those days...

Perhaps it was because I had more hope of/for the thrill of exhileration, more curiosity of my life unfolding before me. 

Today I am tired.  Exhausted.  Have I already worn myself out? I seem to be more content with the thought of a nap!  Ecstasy to me is early to bed, laying next to my beautiful Doris in a comfortable TeeShirt, watching TV, laughing & just chilling!  There is just nowhere Id rather be...(unless it is camping in the lush, green Pocono Mts in the trees along the Delaware Water Gap under the milkyway next to a crackeling fire...fabulous weekends from years ago that came to an abrupt halt after coming face to face with Arian Supremists in the campsite next to ours...)  Much safer in the haven of our own kingsize beddybye, alone just the two of us...  All I need is my Doris & Im a happy woman!  .....and....Well, television is good...  we both love TV!

God Thank You for the gift of Doris in my life for 23yrs now!  Thank you for our home, for jobs to afford our house, food, heat, our cars, TV, thankYou for good health & everything You've given us & for the Blessings of Your Grace. 

Aging is not easy, but thank God, Goddess, Universe I've made it this far ! 

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skyyggoddess said...

Kathy, I have to disagree with you...YOU CAN WRITE.  You have a style that is almost like a melody.  Its passionate and honest.  I can sense your restlessness when you were younger.  Its like reading a journey.