Friday, January 02, 2009

New Year's Day

New Year's Day we went to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons. It was very good, except no one had warned me that it is THREE hrs long. It is very long, My butt got sore. Hey, maybe I'm loosing too much weight & becoming a scrawnybutt! Not.

In fact my new years resolutions are:
1. Loose 10 more lbs so I don't have to use that damn extra 50lb weight on the Dr's scale at the health club to get to 160lbs.
2. Exercise more.
3. Try to complain less.
4. Meditate more.

After the movie Doris & I had dinner at Carino's. We had Skilletini's which are pasta noodles, chicken & sausage with garlic! mmmm MMM! Well so much for the 1st resolution. I did go work out at the gym this morning,tho.

And I took down the outside Christmas lights. It's always sad the 1st night after the holidays that you don't light them up anymore. sigh. I shall keep up the Xmas tree downstairs until after Doris' Birthday (I always do.) Which just so happens to coincide with Obama's inauguration this year! Yea!


the only daughter said...

I kept my lights on the timer, so they continued to come on, but today, everything is gone. Most all signs of Christmas are boxed, bagged and stored away until next time.

There is still one Santa on a string, but it's a cat toy and they love batting him around.

So far, two days in I'm doing pretty well with maintaining my eating. I haven't gotten the amount of exericse I'd hoped, but Saturday and Sunday still loom.


Val said...

We saw that movie yesterday and though I'm a big fan of Brad's, i fell asleep for a few minutes in the middle!
I liked it though.
Did you?

KMae said...

Yes Val, I definately liked it. Doris fell asleep 3 times in it, but she liked it too. It was SO long.

Deborah, you are doing SO well! congrats, keep it up.