Sunday, January 04, 2009

More Movies!

Yesterday we went to Doubt! What a movie! God, Meryl Streep is in a class by herself! She was fabulous, & Amy Adams too! If any of you went, tell me what you thought. I REALLY liked it. Yikes.

Afterwards, walked into the last half of Valkerie. yuck. Not so much. Not my thing. Too bad they failed in killing Hitler, tho'. Glad I didn't see the whole movie.

Stopped off at the Olive Garden for Chicken Marsala! (Hadn't been in years, as I hated the olive Garden, thought it was crappy Italian food.) But I do love the chix Marsala there now.

Now I have to get ready to fly out to lax this evening. I've had a lot of time off & I really don't want to go back. But I am so damn broke. At least my crazy, fun friend is on the flight, too bad we can't dress as elves again today.

I want to retire. Dammit.


Val said...

Valkyrie was excellent - very intense and emotional.
Want to see "Doubt", too.

the only daughter said...

I'm still working my way toward the theatre to see Doubt and a couple of others. I don't think Valkyrie will be in the mix. Ick TC.

eb said...

You don't have pictures of you as a elf? If you do you must post them!