Saturday, January 17, 2009

Miracle On the Hudson

I was watching TV (Dr. Phil- it was almost over) so I saw the ditching saga from the beginning when all the channels started following that Capt glide that Airbus onto the surface of the Hudson River yesterday. Tears started pouring from my eyes, as the drama became all too real.

Ditchings are a whole other Emergency Landing that are enough to paralyze most psgrs with shock & fear. The beauty of the entire perfection of all involved (from the landing, to the evacuations, to the rescues) was beyond belief, better than most could ever imagine! I'd say everyone's Guardian Angels were working overtime!

As I pictured myself initiating that evacuation, I kept praying for those Flight Attendants to get everyone out in a fast, effective & safe manner. And clearly they did! Considering how terrifying the potential of immediate drowning is in such a situation, everyone was excellent, psgrs included.

All the rescuers were right there so quickly! And the gifted Capt was so Fabulous, a true artist - believe me there is ALOT to be said for experience - I always feel better when my pilots are oldies but goodies...(dare I mention he is still younger than me.) That goes for Drs, cops, -everyone, give me workers with experience under their belt.

Incidentally, we are all supposed to go down the fuselage after an evacuation to make sure everyone has gotten out, the Capt included.

I am so proud of that Flight Crew! Well done colleagues!
Thank you God.



yankeegirl said...

Kmae- thought of you when I heard about this- I am a sometime reader and I'm not sure I've commented before. I was pretty sure you didn't work for US Air but knew you flew out of NYC.
Glad you're ok and I agree with you Pilot and Crew are heroes in my book :)

Linda said...

What an amazing job the pilot and crew did. They did their jobs to perfection. I agree with wanting people with experience, especially when I'm in a tin can at 30,000 feet!!

the only daughter said...

I too thought of you (my first, and only -real live- connection to the airline world) when I heard this news.

Thank goodness for well trained, experienced guardians.

eb said...

It's good to know that all the training y'all go through can pay off in a situation like this. You're right, everyone was awesome including the passengers. Seems to me it could have gotten way out of hand if a few passengers had freaked out.

I'm with you, give me someone with experience especially is a situation like that.

In times like these it's nice to see a happy ending to what could have been a very tragic disaster.

Val said...

Don't you just love when your industry has something positive to show the world???!!
Awesome and incredible are words that come to mind when I saw this.

KMae said...

Thanks y'all for responding. The odd thing is that flight attendants still have not been mentioned by anyone...
I mean what the HELL??
We've all noticed it... & a few have said they heard one or another news person include FA's in their accolades. I have yet to hear it. I'm sure something will come out sooner or later.