Monday, January 12, 2009

Movie Reviews

Flash bulletin!:
Gran Torino is a great movie!
I didn't care much about seeing that wrinkly ass Clint Eastwood so much, but Doris did. So I went because I knew we'd see Not Easily Broken (by TD Jakes) afterwards which is what I wanted to see.
Well... Gran Torino is so interesting & I really loved it! Eastwood IS Good! Just the truth- years of experience I guess. It was about predjudice basically, & he being an Archie Bunker type after Asians moved into & took over his neighborhood. And his evolving out of the darkness of ignorance. Excellent!

Not Easily Broken ? - Well it was an okay 'chick flick' type movie. If I had seen it BEFORE the other, Im sure I would have loved it. But it paled in comparison. I always want to support 'black movies' & it did have a good message. But I kept falling asleep by then... Still it was good, so see it & decide for yourself.

And now, I'm watching 2 soaps then going to work out at the gym.



the only daughter said...

I've read reviews (mixed)of both and not really fired up to see either. Though, I imagine I've spent $$ on worse.

We'll see.

Val said...

I want to see Gran Torino - COOL car - loved 'em in the '70's!!
Not a big Clint fan, but it looks like a great movie.

Zoe said...

OK, so I'm totally behind the times, but when did you switch over to blogger?