Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I Surprised a Friend on her Honeymoon Flight

I have a friend from WW that got married & was going on her honeymoon. I trip traded so I could surprise Jen & work her flight to Lax!

She was REALLY surprised, too. I was able to have the agent put Rob & Jen in their own row, previously they had been sharing a row that didn't even have a window. I decorated it by taping little red cupid & heart streamers to their over head (no it didn't interfere with their oxygen mask compartment) & around their window. This caused Jen to crack up by the time they finally got there (they were in the last group called to board because they had 12DEF.)

Also, Edwin (a Flight Attendant in their cabin) & I had put the tray table by their window down, put a navy blue table cloth on it & put a big bottle of champagne with wine glasses, along with a Happy Honeymoon card signed by the whole crew with heart confetti on it. I'm not sure if they were happy or embarrassed, or probably both, but they had big smiles!

The coach crew offered them everything for free, but told me they didn't really want anything. During my FC service, I was able to rush back there with hot nuts, & later small fruit & cheese plates. I said well at least you can "see plate" to which she chuckled, this is true. (Our WW leader always tells us to "see plate" to not cover it all up with food.)

They were reading the Australia & New Zealand travel books she bought with the AmEx gift card we gave her from our ww group! And they slept a bit. After 6 hrs, we finally landed & off they went to the next leg of their Honeymoon trip to Australia (about 16 hrs-Lordie!) where they'll site-see for 3 days before taking a cruise to New Zealand!

It was great to be able to fly Jen & Rob to Los Angeles & fun to see them interact with each other. Jen is exquisitely beautiful & Rob is really adorable in person! They were very sweet with each other, low-key & cool. I can't wait to see pictures & hear about the rest of their adventure!

This is your local honeymoon reporter signing out....
They are lucky they can get married. Straight people just take this priveledge for granted.


the only daughter said...

Congratulations to the lucky couple, marriage and a Kmae surprise. Coool!

eb said...

Wow, what a neat way to start off the honeymoon - especially getting your own row in coach from NY to LA, what a great gift that was.

I love that 'see plate', I think I'll use it.

SassyFemme said...

That is soooo sweet!

Val said...

That really is sweet... nice friend you are!