Thursday, January 08, 2009

I got nothin'.

Okay, I gotta make this quick because I'm flying out in 6 hrs & have to start the make-up spackeling shortly. Not to mention try to tidy up some of my shit-piles around here before I leave. Gawd, I HATE cleaning, I'm just so lame at it. And I hate putting on make-up too, but unfortunately my days of au naturel beauty have just plain vanished. What the fuck ever.

I only gained .2 lbs at WW weigh-in last night. Plus it was great to see everybody after all the holiday vacations. I tell ya, meetings make a huge difference in weight-loss even though they are always such a pain in the butt. LUCKILY the leader is motvating & has a good sense of humor. One needs to laugh to get thru life.

Speaking of which, I just finished reading eb's recent banana rant. Now She's a damn nut, I mean RIOT. Made me chortle. Deborah's remark, too. and Val's. Ahhh. It's SO nice to have blog buddies to take your mind off of shit piles.

Thanks Y'all.

4 comments: said...

LOL @ "make-up spackeling"!! LLOLOL

eb said...

I think you're a babe, Kmae.

And, how can you not laugh at a post about bananas. I'm telling you, bananas are funny.

Val said...

i liked that term 'spackeling' which is what it'd be if I were to partake, but didn't realize it applied (pun intended!) to femmes!!!

Silly women!

the only daughter said...

Yeah, ya gotta love. (I meant to type, laugh) -either way, it works.