Sunday, August 02, 2009

Another Rainy Day

It's raining
it's pouring
little boys are boring...

Sorry about that.
Reverted back to the 2nd grade
for a few minutes there.
Funny how some things never change!
Har Har.

Another Sunday basking in the house alone,
not going to church.
Man, I LOVE it!
It's almost 200pm now so Doris
will be coming home shortly,
guess I should tidy up the place a bit
since I've just been lounging around,
reading the Sunday paper & watching Moving Up.

I really am lazy. Guess it's true.
Oh well.

I do love just laying around. sigh.
Relaxing is good.
I should try to get more motivated, but fuck it.
When I'm not flying I just don't want to do shit.

The problem is when there is no "structure"
(such as work) in my life,
I just tend to...

watch tv,/
& ride where Doris drives me.

Sounds good to me.

For now.

I can just see Doris rolling her pretty eyes
when she walks in & sees me lounging,
not doing anything constructive.
It's okay -

I know that after she gets home
& peels off her church duds,
She'll sit to read the Sunday paper,
And those peepers of hers will slam shut!!!
She'll pass out in a quick minute.

Especially since it's still raining.....

Not to mention it's exhausting
to be singing in church all day,
(How well I remember)
And D is the lead soprano
so my hollerin' baby
will be all tweeted out.

So shortly,there'll be even more
Peace 'in the valley'...

Oh, yeah.



the only daughter said...

I don't know why, but I feel like 'peace in the valley' is a metaphor for something . . . :)

Enjoy the peace!

Val said...

amen to a lazy sunday morning... i got to sleep until 9:30am today, then read the NY Times, listening to classicla music... while having coffee. HEAVEN! :)

PixieFlute said...

Rainy Sundays were made for naps!

Any YouTubes of Doris signing? Would love to hear her!

KMae said...

Deborah- HAH! Yeah it WOULD be a great metaphor, but no... just means peace, not piece. hehe!

Val- Oh YEAH, I just love it. TOTAL HEAVEN, so true.

Pixie- Gaaah, I don't even know how to post pictures in my blog, I SURE don't know how to do youtube!
But she sings so pretty, it would bring tears to your eyes.
Speaking of which-is Molly okay?

Maria said...

Sundays are meant for lounging. They just are.