Thursday, August 20, 2009

omg HELP what do I do???

Fuck. Im shitting... This is a wierd problem I didn't know I'd have.

Okay first let me say I swear all the time. Whatever. Many don't like it, I don't really give a shit , but I do try to tone it down when it's too inappropriate such as like IN CHURCH if I go, or around passengers, or uptight diptwits... They say you can always tell a Flight Attendant that doesn't have children because we cuss like sailors. Plus I've been around the block a few million times & not a lot shocks me.

So now here's the thing... Getting on facebook, I am finding all the grandkids & neices/nephews. It's been real neat! But we all have this *star* niece who I've watched grow up since she was born, the smartest, SWEETEST child that can do no wrong. She graduated high school this year & is going to college & is just the most popular, busy, beautiful, adorable kid! An perfect little angel!

I just found her & got on her FB. It is shooting her & all her friends conversations onto my facebook. OMG. This kid must have multiple personalities. She & her friends are all bantering back & forth with the words 'niggah' 'faggot' 'buttfucker' (well that one's funny, hah) but my point is some of these words I would NEVER say, much less write & I do take offense as I'm sure others who read my fb would, (Doris & her sister (this girl's grandmother) would DIE) & I don't know what to do.

Now I know this huge group of kids are having a wonderful time & it's none of my business how they speak to ea other & I'm not about to say to her dont use those words as she a fucking valdictorian for crise sakes so she already knows right from wrong.

So here's my question - is there anyway I can be on her fb & read it but not have HERs on mine? I don't want to subject my fb "friends" to that crap. What can I do short of just cancelling her as a fb friend?

I really don't think I'm over reacting here.


the only daughter said...

My son had a similar problem. He didn't want to "un-friend" anyone but didn't want everybody to be able to see everything they posted. Heck he didn't want to see everything they posted...according to him, the solution is to hide the person or persons whose posts you don't want appearing on your wall.

Zoe said...

There are privacy settings, and I'm pretty sure you can make it so certain peoples feeds don't show up, but you can still be friends. But you know, you're the only one who can see her feeds on your page. What people see when they go to your page, is your profile page. So unless she's leaving inappropriate comments on your posts, I don't think you need to worry.

You're describing my exact issue that I have with FB, all of your worlds converging in one spot. I'm crude and vulgar with my friends, but then my mom and many of my aunts, and my grandma are also FB friends, along with my nieces and nephew. But I decided that I wasn't going to censor myself with my friends. I do worry that my teen niece and nephew are reading, but I warned their parents before I accepted the friend requests.

KMae said...

Thanks Deborah & Zoe!

What, y'all cant read Jasmine's posts on my fb??? phew!
These kids are all priveledged rich smart kids wanting to be ghetto pynk fabulous. I find it sickening they say "nigga' 'faggot' other ravist or homophobe rantings...

gaymo I dont think I have you on my fb!

eb said...

That's right...we can't see what your friends are saying so you don't have worry about that. That's gotta be a little shocking for someone who has seen it all to see that the little 'angel' is not all that angelic.

KMae said...

Might I say I'm fucking mortified???
I held this little doll as a baby.
But here's the thiing, how does she do it? None of us, including cousins her age have any idea she speaks lik this. I have always adored her & still do because she is just so damn SWEET. shhh, evidentally not!

Maria said...

I was stunned speechless when I read my niece's facebook. She is 18 and claims to be very religious. But...the photos on her profile made me swallow hard. She looked like...welll...ok...she looked cheap and easy. I felt like an old fogey.

KMae said...

WORD, Maria.

marge said...

it may seem like all the young people talk like that, but they don't. and even if they did, i like to say,what's wrong is wrong even if everybody's doing it, and what's right is right even if nobody's doing it!


KMae said...

NO I definately KNOW all kids dont speak that way - Our grand children don't. That's why I was so shocked about the cousin they hang with.

Zoe said...

I'll friend you. My fb is under my real name, and I don't talk about my blog there, so you'd have a hared time finding me. Just don't mention gaymo on fb please. said...

You can "hide" people's wall posts. When they come up on your "wall" mouse over it and a thing pops up that says "hide".

Then you won't see them anymore.

Though, that won't solve the problem. I would hide her then send her a message about saying such hateful things.

Either that or go kick her brilliant ass.