Thursday, August 13, 2009


I can't figure out how to get tweets on my cell.
I can't figure out how to get facebook on my cell.
I hope all y'all are happy. I've been on the stupid computer all day (not kidding) trying to figure out twitter & facebook.
Pixie I tried to tweet Regis_and_Kelly today but it didn't got thru.

It's frickin' annoying, GAWD!!!!

Deb, eb & Nickie got your messages on Facebook.
I'll keep trying.
Man do I feel old trying to keep up with all you youngsters.


the only daughter said...

1. I meant to say when I was here before, LOVE your new banner!!

2. My daughter would beg to differ with you about me being a youngster. I suppose it is all relative. ::wink::

3. I can't help you with the tweets / fb on cells...don't have it, don't want it (yet, anyway).

4. Hang in there'll catch up. :) said...

Can you get internet on your phone?

I use betwittered on my phone (you can also send a text message to twitter but you have to do that in your settings somewhere).

I go to or on my phone (I forget which).

I also text status updates to my facebook just from my regular text messages.

Did I just make it worse?

PixieFlute said...

What kind of phone do you have? If it's an iPhone I can help you. If not, then maybe someone else has the same kind of phone as you, and can help.

What's your Twitter name? I tried to find you but couldn't.

KMae said...

I sure WISH I had an Iphone.
It is an EnV 3 I think.
Im down as KMaaee
because KMae was already supposedly taken.

Thank you all very much for the tips.

Now Pixie How do you send tweets to Regis & Kelly?

Val said...

you crack me up....
You'll like facebook... just give it time... i have faith in you.

Love your new banner!

PixieFlute said...

tweet to regis and kelly by doing this, minus the quotes: "@Regis_and_Kelly" leave one space, then type what you want to say.

FYI, when I tell Twitter to find you, it doesn't find you as KMaaee. Add me on yours so I can see your name.