Friday, August 07, 2009

Happy Camper!

Went to the Beach again today! WOW, love it so much. But never again on a Friday, didn't think the traffic would be so bad since folks shoulda still been at work at that hour.

- The ole bumper to bumper trick, NOT pleasant. I kept telling Doris to turn around & go home, we could catch the Fri showing of One life To Life in 30 min. But she persisted & it was wonderful.

Since it took us 2 hrs to get there today, & even longer to find a parking spot, the beach ticket takers soon left their perches at the entrances so we took our beach chairs down to the edge of the water & enjoyed 2 more hours squishing sand between our toes.
God that feels SO FUCKING GOOD!!!

I made sand vaginas. They were pretty, Doris was mortified, ha!

So relaxing - the fresh air, waves crashing a couple yards away, clouds floating thru a blue sky, sand pipers hopping around looking straight into your eyes begging for food, my true love sitting next to me peering thru her binoculars at surfing bikini butts... ahhhhh, sigh...

Total Joy!


eb said...

go Doris!

marge said...

i couldn't have said it better myself!


KMae said...

Elizabeth & Marge (welcome btw)
Y'all are hilarious.
har har

marge said...

thanks! marge is my username, whatever that is. you may call me victoria. ialso have no idea what an URL or a browser is. i do, however, know what penmanship, a party line, and a manual typewriter are!

KMae said...

So Victoria, you don't do a blog?
Maybe now's the time to start!
Just go to & sign up.
You sound like you're around my age.
I can't figure out how to twitter. said...

What? No pictures of the sand vaginas??

KMae said...

Tina, I don't know how to post pics.
I MUST learn.

marge said...

you need a digital camera; you take the memory card and put it in your computer. i think you can even email pictures from your cell phone!


Anonymous said...

I adore sand between my toes. I can't get over how long it took to find a parking space though, that's crazy.

Now about the pictures... is it that you can't get them onto the computer, or that you just can't get them into the blog? If you can get them on the computer I can talk you through getting them onto the blog. If the problem is getting them onto the computer, maybe one of the grandkids can help?

Maria said...

I have never liked walking in sand. I think i must be the only person in the world who doesn't find it romantic to walk on a beach with someone.

KMae said...

I have to figure out how to get them onto the frickin computer. sigh.