Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back On Line!!!

I am SO happy to have my computer back & working!!!
Thank GOD, I was so going thru withdrawal. I missed Facebook the most, strangely enough. It really is a neat way to keep up with folks! They seem to write there more than in their blogs.

ALL the people at the Mac store were SO very kind & helpful. I had to go back twice. Those geniuses are brilliant!
I am grateful.

Doris...not so much. Ha!


Maria said...

Bing is Mac nut. She won't buy any computers that are not Mac, she even wrote a grant to get Mac computers for her high school students to use in her classes!

We use PC's in my workplace and I must admit that they certainly break down a lot and seem to catch viruses right and left.

My Mac will NOT let me open any e-mail that contains viruses. A little sign comes up that says, THIS E-MAIL CONTAINS A VIRUS, BEST NOT TO OPEN.

Sort of feels like my mother sometimes...

You know, Bing travels a lot and I used to travel a lot and you look very familiar. I wonder if we saw you on one of our flights...we always admire the attendants who aren't the young, silly girls. That is not to say that you are OLD, just...older...in fact Bing just got home from Florida a couple of weeks ago and she commented to me that on her flight home, she had the BEST flight attendants. "They were older and radiated this feeling of calm," she told me.

eb said...

I told ya about Facebook. It's kinda like a cyber playground.

KMae said...

It's so great eb!

KMae said...

Maria I fly mainly from ewr-lax & back! Next time say hi!!!

Val said...

welcome back! :)