Thursday, July 30, 2009

Boring June stuff

OMG My frickin' computer hasn't been able to turn on the past week, it's the connection to the phone line & I STILL can't figure out what happened. (I'm an idiot.) So finally, I brought it downstairs & connected to another phone line & thank goodness I can get back on. Phew! I Just don't get what happened to the phone line upstairs. Sheese.

So my hip still hurts, even after a cortisone shot... Getting a bursitis shot next week, maybe that will help. I've been going to physical therapy 3Xweek for 2 months, it really hasn't helped. On top of that, yesterday they tell me I need to do a $30 co-pay for all the past sessions which goes well over $500. Ahhhh, HUHHHH??? So I cancelled half of what's scheduled for next month & guess I'll be sending $30 a month till it's payed off. crap. I HATE BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD.

sigh. One day at a time.

Other than that, I'm good, but broke. I can't believe June is over, damn. Summer is speeding by. I may never go back to work if my hip pain doesn't get better. And you know what? I think that'd be just fine. I am really loving being OFF. I really can't get upset about it (yet) because I've had a good 41 years up in the air & at least I can get social security to supplement my lame retirement check. At least it'd be more than what I'm getting on the sick list.

Que sera' sera' what ever the fuck will be....
God Goddess Universe says Be Patient.


Maria said...

I thought of you on my flights on my vacation. I had one on my flight to California who was really over and above the rest and the gay male flight attendant on my flight home from Salt Lake City was really, really funny. A little fat, but funny....He looked nothing like the starched up flight attendants I usually see...he was rumpled and sweaty and hilarious. He reminded me of Jay Leno.

KMae said...

Maria, I'm glad you had good FA's!
They are the best things about the job. Of course there are always the assholes, no matter which company...

The rumpled up sweaty, funny guy must be wonderful to work with!

otter said...

My insurance made me pay a $30 co-pay for each session of physical therapy, and the only allowed me to have 15 sessions after major hip surgery! I hate insurance companies.
I hope the bursitis shot helps.


eb said...

sorry you're still feeling the hip pain but ya crack me up, Kmae, every single time - whatever the fuck will be will be...LOL