Sunday, July 19, 2009

28th Anniversary!

7/17th... That is our anniversary.
Actually so is July 4th because -
28 years ago on July 4th,
Doris & I decided
we would become a committed couple.
We said 'we will continue dating
for perhaps 2 more months
before we finally have sex!'

It was a good plan, but
we only lasted 13 more days.
(13 has always been my lucky number!)
to July 17th
(Not to mention,
I was a hot, gorgeous
little femmie femme
back then..) Hence -
July 17th is our anniversary,
we became Solid.

We've gone thru many changes
over these days, years, decades.
Those of you
who've been reading my blog
have gone thru
some of the
I mean love & growth...
along with me.

Relationships are tricky
none are perfect.
Everyone always asks
how we made it
so long together.
There is only one answer.

Both parties
to STAY together
& get thru all the bullshit,
the screaming emotional upheavals,
the simmering pissy hurt feelings
I mean learning life's lessons &
accepting each other's differences...

It will not work
if only one person
puts in 100%.
If the other partner
doesn't care enough to remain
thru the thick & thin,
the pleasure as well as the pain,
the heaven & hell,
it can not work.

Both lovers
have to put in 100% each,
you need 200% commitment...
even though at times
you are sure
you will end up committed
to the looney bin
of a working relationship...

Both people
have to WANT TO STAY
to do all the hard work.

if you decide
'fuck it' & bolt
(even tho painful,
it's the easy way out)
you will have to start
at the beginning
with someone else &
deal with all their crap
& baggage
along with your own..
which still sucks because
you haven't worked
on changing yourself & growing
just accepting each other's differences
& moving on together.

Of course,
in no way
should one ever stay
in a bad or abusive
that is wrong for you.
Better to get out
of that bullshit immediately.
(Wish I had of learned THAT lesson
back in my 20's, 30's & early 40's.
But nooOOOooo.
I stayed to the bitter ends
& wasted a ton of time
& life.)

Okay all that being said
(I'm sorry for the mudane lecture -
don't know WHY I got into all that,)
we had a great anniversary!
Even tho' we are both broke from so many bills,
I got Happy Anniversary Balloons for her,
Doris got beautiful pink roses for me,
& we both got cards for each other.

Then we had a lobster & salmon dinner
at Charlie Brown's
(with her sister) that night on Fri
& yesterday on Sat we drove into the City,
had hotdogs in our RV,
people watched,
talked about when we first met
& all our years together,
then sealed it with a kiss
on the corner of Washington Square
where we had our 1st kiss
28 years ago on July 4th! ha.

Finally we called it a day & drove home,
turned on the TV, climbed back into bed
& felt SO lucky & blessed.

(Finally getting a house together
is the best thing we ever did
about 16 yrs ago.)

I am very happy!
Life is so good.

I say it every time...
Be it ever so humble,
& believe me Ours is modest-
there is just NO place like home!!!

And did I happen to mention
that Doris is STILL
so amazingly DAMN gorgeous
even now till this day???
She is just scrumptious!

I am so lucky.
Really REALLY lucky!

And, of course
so is she.



Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Anniversary! You are soooo right about what it takes to make a relationship work!

Zoe said...

Congratulations! I couldn't agree more that about the things that it takes to make a relationship work.

the only daughter said...

If I have half of what you have, I'll consider myself a lucky duck.

Congratulations to two very beautiful, lovely lucky ladies.

Happy, happy, joy, joy!!!!

Theresa said...

Congrats! Relationships are hard but worth it! Is it possible for you to post a pic of you two? I have been reading you for a couple of years, would be neat to put faces with your stories....

KMae said...

Thanks y'all.

And hi Theresa, welcome.
I don't know how to put pictures on my blog. If you send me your email addy I can fwd one that a friend took & emailed to me. My email is You can email me your pic too.

eb said...

28 years...that is wonderful. Congratulations!! Ours was on the 16th. Seems like I know a lot of lesbian couples with July anniversaries.

Here's to many more happy years together.

KMae said...

Thanks Elizabeth!
You guys have a lot of years together now, too!

otter said...

Happy anniversary! It's refreshing to hear from people who are still in love after so many years, and who realize how special it is.

Val said...

happy belated anniversary... beautiful post, Kathy!

And i, too would love to see a pic of you guys..
Send to me please?!!!!