Friday, February 27, 2009

The Phone Is Fixed!

Gaaa. Nothing like being with out a land line for a few days to make you really appreciate having your computer working again! Luckily I think the Verizon man won't be charging us extra... phew! Cell phones are great inventions, but I still like a regular land line.
Yea, life is back to normal...
whatever the hell that is.


Val said...

We haven't had a land phone for the past 4 years and I LOVE that. No extra expense and no matter what, people can get a hold of me (or not, if I'm screening calls!)

But yeah, for you? normal? What IS that?!!!

have a good weekend!

the only daughter said...

I still have a land line, but will probably cut it out over the next year or so. I have phased it out, mostly--as I've pared the services down to the barest bone. I make most (not that it's many) outbound calls via cell & only talk to mom & son (in-bound) on land line. Plus which the computer & alarm are tied to the phone line--I could keep the "line" and dump the voice service.

I do like...mmmm, I guess, security of knowing I have a back-up to the cell. But then, the cell has been pretty reliable.

Glad yours got fixed and with (hopefully) no extra costs. Normalcy--whatever form it takes--good.