Monday, March 02, 2009


OMG!!!! Do you believe this snow????
I woke up at 0530a & can't believe my eyeballs!
It's a frickin' blizzard out there. And WINDY. WOW.
Looks like 5 inches so far & it's 18 degrees.
It's still dark & still coming down & is wet & heavy.
I am NOT looking forward to shoveling this mess -yikes.
But thank the Lord I don't have to work today, that's a YEA!!!
I'm feeling bad for Val, Pixie & Tina & wondering how it is for those in Conn. Dammmmn. Hope y'all get to stay home.
We got food, & water & HEAT!! We are blessed. Hope the TV & electricity stays good. Doris & I will hibernate today.
It's 0610 now. Think I'll roll over & try to go back to sleep.
ahhhhhhh. Smooshy pillows!


Anonymous said...

Yes, Kath, I can believe it, since we live in the same state, not that far from each other, & I just got done shoveling it from 4:30 to now...I am very glad you don't have a flight to get to.
I made a few snow angels at 43 :-)

the only daughter said...

We got a dusting (barely an inch or 2) over here in the West but it's brrrr cold and very, very windy.

Glad you don't have to trop around (besides the shoveling).

Happy hibernating.

eb said...

Oh, listen to you all up there talking about a little bit of snow. Down here we are FREEZING. It got down to 60! And we had to go to work! Infuckingsane.

Smooshy pillows are the best.

KMae said...

Oh God Elizabeth, you are so damn funny.
60 degrees - what a fucking heatwave!
You are so lucky.
Except that you have to work. heh!

yankeegirl said...

hibernating with your honey sounds heavenly :) Stay warm!

IndigoSunMoon said...

Since I live in Alabama, I'm a bit envious of all the snow the northern states are experiencing. I lived in Iowa until I was 14, and I remember snowstorms galore!
It did snow here the other day though. I think we got about four flakes. LOL

Anonymous said...

We ended up with about 8-9" out of it, but by now (Sunday) it's almost all gone. Went hiking yesterday, just a lightweight spring jacket was needed, love it!

Val said...

Don't ever feel bad for me when it comes to snow, kiddo! I love it, especially when I don't have to shovel it!

JulieB said...

We haven't snow thank GOd but it's freakin cold out!!

Everybody HUDDLE!