Monday, March 30, 2009

I don't want to get sick.

Saturday was totally dreary so Doris & I stayed in bed all afternoon drinking hot tea, reading (her the papers, & me sTori Telling -someone left it on the plane- Tori Spelling has one bitch of a mother) & watching movies on the LMN channel. It was totally indulgent & very restful.

Eventually we went out for a VERY late brunch! Then picked up a few staples at the grocery & came directly back home, climbed back in bed & continued watching LMN movies. I couldn't believe she did that, Doris gets cabin fever so easily. I'm the one who can spend a few days lounging around since I'm so tired from flying.

Well anyway, the point I'm trying to get to is this:
Today I feel like I coming down with a freakin' cough & chest cold.
I mean - WHaT THE HELL?? I rested all day & my resistance didn't feel a bit down. Crap. I don't get it.

Furthermore, I forced myself to go to the gym today (it's been 2 weeks since the last visit- I am fat again, when I bend over to tie my nikes it feels like a whole basket ball is in my stomach.) Shit shit shit.

Anyway I thought the steamroom might help clear my lungs - which it did at first, but now I feel worse. Plus NOW my right shoulder is all cricked up from pushing the stupid machines & I can barely turn my head. I must be getting so feeble. sheesh.

So tomorrow I have to fly out & I have to try to fake feeling just super-duper, thank you very much. Fuck.
Now I'm trying to go to sleep.
I am definately going to need it.


the only daughter said...

I'm sorry you're feeling poorly. I hope whatever it is, it doesn't linger.

Anonymous said...

At least you are working on your fatness :-). You will get where you want to be.
I was a little shocked years ago to find out that Tori wound up with less than a million. I do know that parents have the right to do what they want with their money, but the man only had 2 kids, was demented at the end and a billionaire. It seems the wife took advantage of that. Sad. There was enough for everyone.

KMae said...

Thanks Deborah. I feel even worse today. Gotta figure out a way to quit coughing. Gotta get thru these 2 days somehow. GAWD.

Mary, her mother is just SO cold, so narcisistic, SO MEAN. Her father made a ton of money but knew nothing about money & thought 1 million to ea kid would take care of them forever. (he was extremely old & feeble by then & maybe out of it.) Her bitch mother took money out of THAT Tori supposedly owed her for her damn 1st wedding that she invited all these people to that Tori didn't even know. Rich people live wierd. Tori seems sweet to me. Never met her, tho'.

Val said...

Feel better, kiddo... the day in bed sounded WONDERFUL... but no basketball watching? and you call yourself a lesbian?!!! jes kiddin' with ya...

Femmes and non-sport lovers are cool, too! :)

KMae said...

Val, that's just so funny.
When I watch (rarely) I CAN get into it, but I don't know - it doesn't send me.
I would rather watch House Hunters.
Or the Girls Next Door. (embarrassing.)
Or Housewives of Atlanta, New York & I can't WAIT for the new Housewives of New Jersey.- It should be REALLY crazy-tacky.
Or Dancing With the Stars.
Or America's Next Top Model.
Guess I like mindless junk.