Monday, March 16, 2009

Mid March Malaise

So I guess no news is good news for me the past 2 weeks.
Nothin' much going on here.

Workin' hard for no money. Had Carter Osterhouse or what ever his last name is from the HGTV channel (Carter Can, Trading Spaces) onboard - that gorgeous carpenter. He was SO nice & unassuming.
And that guy who played the police chief on McMillan & Wife all those years ago. He also played Daddy Warbucks in Annie on Broadway & toured for 20yrs with that (he's bald now.) VERY nice.

I've been working with this young gay guy who cracks me up constantly & that truly gets me thru the long days on the plane. We've bid to fly together for 3 months now & I wonder how much longer he will be interested in continuing this since he's so much younger (43.) (I'm 61.) I think he misses his mom & I do feel motherly to most of the younger Flight Attendants - well that would be most all of them since they are all younger than I. Anyway I adore working with Patrick who is a true comedian & works FAST which is my favorite thing. So many are slow & often lazy.

So only one week after that huge snow storm I last wrote about, the weather turned warm &gorgeous the next Saturday. Doris & I took the RV into the City & had brunch at Manatus in the West Village (eb, thought about you & the Queen since we'd dined there once.) Then sat around & people watched for a few hours, drove around checking out how much the scene had changed from the last year, (God- everything keeps changing in NYC especially in the Village) got hot dogs at Gray's Papaya's (the prices there sure went up..shish) before returning home. It was a fun, glorious day, but the next day became cold again, & that continues on here in the East. The fact that spring is supposed to come on Friday will probably be a rouse. Can't wait for warm weather full time.

Been reading all your blogs! Carry on.


the only daughter said...

I'm hoping for some consistently warmer temps too. Looks like this will be the week. Hopefully it will sustain beyond the coming week. Looking forward to de-winterizing, finally.

eb said...

Yes, I remember our dinner at Manatus! That was fun. I'll never forget that the manager had to come over and hear the conversation about the wine because the waitress got the order wrong.

Hey, we're heading up to NYC in June, if we can, let's meet up. Would love to see you and Doris again.

KMae said...

Heck Yeah, I'll try to bid for that time off so we can meet up! at least it will be warm in June! When you came last time it was freezing, i remember the down coat i was wearing & the freezing wind when I was knocking on the restaurant window to get your attention.

Anonymous said...

You took an RV into NYC? OMG, we won't even drive into the City! We take the train from New Haven or Fairfield in.

KMae said...

It's just a very small RV PixieFlute.
It looks like a regular van, just a bit higher. But it has a little sink & toilet, & honey, THAT is what I love! One has to strategically plan where to PEE if you don't have an apt there. Not every place will let you into the johns.
Bloomingdales & McDonalds are good - if you get stuck. Just so you know...

IndigoSunMoon said...

One of these days I'm going to go to New York and have a greys papaya hot dog. I sure hope they are as good as I've heard they are.

Hey, did you know your word verification for my entry is phagg? How funny is that? HAHAHA

Real Live Lesbian said...

It's finally warming up here in TN. I'm impressed with the NYC RVing. THAT's something!

eb said...

I'll email you enough in advance to let you know when we will be around.

Also, Starbucks is a good NYC bathroom break. We've had to duck into one on plenty of occasions. Of course it forces us to purchase a chai latte. Totally sucks. Hehe.

KMae said...

GOOD to know.
Can you get in & out without buying anything? If you have the willpower, I mean... har har.