Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines Day - the good & the bad

Valentine's day was Great!... Valentine's night - not so much.

When I got home from my last flight, Doris had a huge red heart balloon, red & pink tulips, & 2 great cards for me! I had 2 cards for her. Since VD was saturday we actually had an all day date! Saw 2 movies (The International which Doris liked & had lots of action & Shopaholic which I thought was fun, but the reviews stunk.)

Then we had dinner at Carinos & actually couldn't wait to get home, peel our clothes off, jump into bed & WATCH TV! ha! It was a great day, but truthfully like many other days we have... It's our thing- movies & dinner. It's a wonderful lifestyle if you ask me.

But then...
My big, beautiful black cat Panther died. He had been weak & could barely mew. I was going to take him into the vet to put him out of his misery sun morn, but he left us around 0400am. I was so sad, but relieved I didn't have to do that. God. No matter what or how, it's always terrible & such a loss.

Panther was old - 8 yrs old when we adopted him 14 yrs ago. So that's 22 yrs. Damn. He was such a great cat. And was huge (we called him Big Boy all the time). And funny. It took him years to allow us to pet him, & after Roxie passed away, (only 3 mos ago) he suddenly loved being held & wanted to be in my arms constantly. Perhaps he knew he was getting sick - I thought it was just that he was thrilled to not have a dog around anymore & now wanted total attention. Once again I have so much deep guilt for not taking better care of my animals. God I wish I had money.

At daylight I got up & went outback to dig a grave. I buried my sweet big boy Panther early in the morning, next to his sister Roxie. Now Boo Boo is the only kitty left. I hope she lives for a long, long time - I can't take much more. I'm relieved this dreadful day is over, but I miss my Pan Pan so badly. I so appreciate all the love he gave us thru out his life. I slept the rest of the day. Sigh.

6 comments: said...

Oh no... I'm sorry :(

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry about Panther, but hey, 22 years old. You were obviously very good to him...he had a pampered long life & it was time...but it never feels like the right time. So very sorry.

the only daughter said...

Oh dear, I'm so, so sorry for your loss.

Anonymous said...

Oh Kmae, I'm so sorry about Panther. We had to put Sassy down this morning, I've decided it's easier when God makes the decision rather than humans making the decision.

eb said...

I'm so sorry your big boy is gone. But, 22 years is very old. He must have been one happy cat. but, it's so hard to lose a pet.

Also, I think dinner and a movie in bed with no clothes is a very appealing life style.

Val said...

Sorry about your loss. But 22 years IS a long life and he had a great home with you.

Feel better soon.

But your VD sounded great!