Friday, February 06, 2009

More Movies!

I saw "MILK" yesterday! Wow, what a great piece of history! I was around for all that. (Minor detail - I was still living heterosexually- but boy was I gay friendly!) (Hmmm can't imagine why?!) Sean Penn was superb in presenting this documentary type movie. And it just really reminds us how MUCH hell folks had to go thru back in the day so that we can all have a modicum of equality & respect. What a great movie. I miss the 70's, we were all crazy & the music was the best! And damn, did the gay community of that time do a great job!

So today I saw "The Reader." Daaammmmnnn, whoa! I was all prepared to dislike it since it entails pedophilia which I abhor, but I have to say it was amazingly great,with beautiful cinematography & such an interesting story. WOW. I loved it. Winslet was damn good, but the actor who played 'the kid' was outrageously splendid. Kate Winslet was also great in 'Revolutionary Road' which wasn't elected for an Academy Award. (As a pasenger on one of my flights 2 years ago, she was rather pissy.) But I still say Meryl Streep in 'Doubt' & Brad Pitt in 'Benjamin Button' get my vote. Just did not see what the big hoopla was with "Slumdog Millionaire'? It was good but no better than the others. imo.

Now we also saw Pink Panther, He's Just Not Into You, & New In town which were mediocre at best, just so-so. But then I'll do anything for buttered movie popcorn, even go see crap.

Now we've seen about all the nominated movies (except the Barcelona one which isn't showing anywhere around anymore.) I am hoping I can get that Sunday off so I can see the Emmys. I will be SO annoyed if I can't watch it, & unfortunately I do have a trip that sun/mon. Darn darn darn.


eb said...

Yes, I remember when Harvey Milk (haven't seen the movie yet) was killed, I was 17 at the time. About six years later, I worked for a man (gay) who lived in San Francisco at the time. He said that every street you turned down in the Castro, there were tons of people marching a protesting.

It was a crazy time. I personally don't miss the 70s all that much, but then again I was in high school and that was not the best of experiences. I guess the 80s and 90s hold more blissful nostalgia for me.

KMae said...

Hey Elizabeth - I can't get to your blog... what the hell? Did you change something?

Anonymous said...

In a law class in college I wrote a huge paper(I became a bit obsessed with the subject) about the pathetic Twinkie Defense used by the guy who killed Milk. I am not a movie goer, but I should really see that one.
Nice to find you again_ I'm slowly getting in touch with a lot of the old AOL crowd. ~Mary

the only daughter said...

I haven't seen any movies, but then I don't usually go to the theatre.

I've heard decent things about the flicks you mention and will likely catch them on dvd.

The only thing I miss about the '70s is being able to skate (better) and (more) roller rinks. ;)