Thursday, January 03, 2008

Vacation's Over dang.

Well, the jig is up.
Flying out later this afternoon to lax.
Thank GOD I love everybody on the crew!
That always makes it easier.
But still,
It's always sad when vacation is over.
Esp since management took half our vacation time away after 9/11 to save money & stay out of bankruptcy. 
I should have had 4 weeks in Dec, but got only 2 weeks. 
Plus Dec is not such a vacation because of all the holiday angst. 
Still I am grateful for the break. 
I needed it!

New Year's Eve was okay.  Went to the church watch & listened to a lame visiting pastor.  It just reiterated to me that church is not great.  I need a gay church but go to that one because it is the one Doris grew up in & she loves it. 

Afterwards went to the Scotchwood Diner with Sis & Michelle for a bite.  When we finally got home we were too tired to go to the party down the street.  It was fine.  I was just SO HAPPY that we were finally home alone again, as we had dropped her moocher son off with her other son so he could help fix cars & make money.  It was glorious to have the house back to ourselves! 

In fact we spent the whole next day (Jan 1)  in BED (yeah, Happy New Year!!!) sleeping on & off until 600PM!!!  Slept the whole day away & it was so great!  Afterward we went to McDonalds & back home to bed!  Ha!  Loved it!

So yesterday Jan 2, went to Curves, took down the outside Xmas lights (always sad to do) (it was freezing, too!), made a Dr's appoint for next fri & went to Weight Watchers.  (Lost 2.6 lbs, yea!) 
At least I felt I accomplished something today.  Got my ass out of bed!  ha!

Doris had cooked a fabulous chicken,sweet potato, collard greens, wild rice & biscuit dinner & I chowed down when I got home!
Oh well....  Delicious!

Okay.  Gotta go gussie up for the job.  It's over.  Got a LOT of extra trip overtime scheduled for this month.  Will write again when I have time.  It was good to be able to write so often in Dec.  Happy January y'all.


val41221 said...

You sound much happier and optimistic... good for you, kiddo.  Safe flights and write when you can!

onetoughcookie43 said...

Happy New Year!!
Hope that your flight schedule is a good one. Look forward to the next entry!!

jabzz1965 said...

Vacation is a double edged sword, isn't it? Going back is SO hard! I took a week off last year, and that is when Brittany showed up! Vacations are I'd love a permanent one!

Hang in there toots!!! Be careful out there!