Saturday, January 12, 2008

It Was Okay

I just flew some horrendously LATE flights that turned into all-nighters, we were so delayed...  But the psgrs were glad we still were going & not cancelling, so they were nice after they got over the initial bitching & moaning...(which I didn't blame them as I was right in there pitching a fit!) 

But here's the great thing after being away for 3 weeks & dreading returning to work...

I flew with such nice women!  They were all SO sweet & happy to be flying with me.  Isn't that cool?  They dig me just for the quirky crazy nut I am.  Makes me feel warm. 

They told me they think I am gorgeous (ahh, not so much anymore,) that I don't look anywhere near 60yrs old (mmh, yeah I felt I looked like hammered dog shit after flying all day & night,)  that I am an urban legend at the Newark base (well, this part IS true, ha!) & they were all looking so forward to working with me because I am funny, I crack them up (yeah, that's true too,) & nobody swears as much as I do (Uhm, well THAT is not cool...) 

It was really wonderful to hear that these great, hard-working professionals like me so much!  Makes life worth while. 

They got together to have a few drinks after we'd gotten to our rooms the last night, however I did not join them - I wanted my bed!  (& it's really not that much fun to stay sober while others get loaded... esp being so tired.)  One of them told me the next day that they spent a long time talking about me & laughing till their guts hurt - each one bringing up hilarious experiences they'd had with me.  WOW!!  How really super-cool is that?!  I so appreciate them.  Wow.

It was an overwhelming welcome back.  Plus they said they'd miss me on their next trip I wouldn't be on since I traded it.  Really lovely women.  I was lucky.

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