Saturday, January 19, 2008

Yea, Movies!

Well, hell! - I was awake all night.  Couldn't sleep- wouldn't ya know?!  Shit, it sucked.  At least I didn't have to work today.

Never-the-less I got up & bought big balloons, cards & 2 dozen red roses for Doris' bday weekend.  It put a good smile on her face.

Took her to brunch at Perkins, then went to 2 very good, fun movies.  First saw Mad Money & it was much better than I'd expected!  Enjoyed it. 

Then saw Juno, which I had fought going to because of subject matter.  But it was very entertaining & I liked it a lot.  I cried.  Being adopted was my lot in the beginning of life so there was a was a good story & great acting...  Just not my story.  whatever.

BTW, last week saw Atonement (blaa- too long) & Frist Sunday (funny.)

Movies are fun!

Now tomorrow:  Doris' bday.  Oh, man.
I just don't have much money left.


val41221 said...

We LOVED Atonement... the story was beautiful and Keira Knightly... oohlala!!

Sounds like Doris is having a nice birthday weekend.... very nice.

kmb524 said...

Well I loved the countryside in Atonment, the photography was beautiful.
That actress is WAY to anorexic looking for me, altho she was better in this than anything else, I'm just not a fan of hers.  
Vanessa Redgrave however, is splendid in EVERYTHING she does!
I just didn't get why this won the golden globe best movie.  really.
Maybe it's because I'd just seen The Great Debators which truly was amazing.  don't understand why no one seems to like THAT movie, it's was so fabulous.