Monday, January 21, 2008

A Pleasant Finale

I'm so relieved, ended up not going dancing today. 
It is so freezing.

I drug myself out of bed early to go to church with Doris on her birthday.  That way, we'd already be half way to NYC from where we live. 

The Tea Dance was at The China Club from 2:30-8:30 put on by SAGE, a big older lesbian group.  I of course agonized over what to wear since I'm heavier again.  I selected the old black velvet trouser stand by with a flowing velvet jacket covering my gut & butt & a black, velvet & silk long scarf.  So what I look rather Liza Minnilli-ish.?.. it is slimming. 

After the service, we went to Sunday dinner at John's with her brother.  That took around 2hrs, & since Doris had sung some solo's as well as regular choir singing, she was kind of tired.  Plus the Giants/Packers football game was on later.  She decided to blow the dance off since it was so damn cold, just go home, get out of her church duds, jump into bed & watch the game! 

So ALLELUIA!  Fine with me.  And a great game it was!!! 
It sounds like a boring birthday, but Doris was quite happy with it & of course all her family called with birthday wishes & she was there to talk with them.  Yea. 

Me, I got to relax, take a much needed 20 min. nap before the game & not worry about being judged by old friends & ex-lovers.  phew!  Of course I'm just so sure they wanted to see me because I'm such a fabulous person, but I feel less than beautiful being a pudge.  And I actually felt so tired with so little rest that I didn't have the energy to try to pull it off since Doris didn't feel like going any longer!

So now I'm excited!  I'm going to sleep & am so happy I won't be too exhausted to work my trip tomorrow, as well as the next 3 days afterward!  Thank you Goddess.


jabzz1965 said...

It's sounds wonderful to me!! That was an AWESOME game, I have to say. If you are for the giants, then me too! LOL

It's been fricking cold here too...below 0 and that is just so wrong!
I say anytime you can relax and lie in bed with the one you is good.

Love ya!

onetoughcookie43 said...

Glad you got some rest. Hope your trip and the ones that follow are good ones. See you when you return. And a belated Happy Birthday to Doris!!!

sassyfemmect said...

It sounds like a great birthday for Doris, and a great day for you!

dghtronly said...

Sounds like a wonderful b-day! Happy happy to Doris. Safe travels.